Why can Buy Google Play Gift Card in UniPin

Maybe first we were confused really if you want to buy the game on Google Play. Google play redeem codes although the price is cheap, but the way of purchasing it confusing because we have to have a credit card.

But now, gamers can already use the services of UniPin to buy a gift card to get credit on Google Play, google play redeem codes so no need to bother anymore to use a credit card or the like.

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To be able to buy gift cards that gamers should have UC ( UniPin Credits ) first. UC can be obtained by buying there UniPin / Indomaret nearby.

Here’s a way to buy ( top up ) gift card , that is:

Enter your email and password and sign in to your account UNIPASS gamers (Make sure that gamers have registered UNIPASS before gamers trying to enter).
Select Google Play Gift Card to be purchased HERE .
Choose the denomination you want to purchase.
Enter the ” Security Key ” and click ” Purchase ” to buy.
The transaction will be confirmed and the number of vouchers that have been purchased will be displayed.

After selecting the desired digital content, in the purchase process, under ” Choose a payment method “, please choose select ” Redeem a Google Play Gift Card ” and enter the code found on the gift card gamers.

From the Google Play Store app, select Menu -> Redeem then enter the ” Redemption Code ” has been acquired.

With services such as this, now we will not be confused anymore sudha for payment method when you want to purchase an app on Google Play.

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