Want to have a home in a year’s time? Can!

Want to have a home in a year's time

Years it’s been changed again. Whether your plan is to have a home in the past year been realized? Buying a home is indeed one of the biggest steps in life, therefore it takes detailed planning in it so as not to regret later on.

And if it is your goal to have a home not yet materialized in the last year, then the beginning of the year as it is now is a good time to draw up new plans. And to help realize your dream, then check out the strategy to buy a house within one year following.

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Early years – start saving for a Down Payment (DP) Home

Admittedly, save money with discipline is indeed difficult. Expenses such as car repairs, health, or buy new gadgets have always been a thing that makes You so hard to save.

However, if you’ve got the targets next year to have a home then it is time you save money with discipline. When you already know how the amount to be collected for the cost of DP houses, began to set aside income each month.

The Third Month – Credit Check Status

When about to ask Mortgages (MORTGAGES), Bank Indonesia will check out how credit quality that you currently have. Fix when there is debt-debt that the payout is not smooth. Remember, a healthy credit card bill the maximum not more than 70% based on the amount of the card limit.

The Sixth Month – Check Out Their Housing Environment

It is time to start visiting homes that had already become a target you. And because the House will be the investment of a lifetime so try to ensure that you are not wrong.

Check whether the residential location close to public facilities such as schools and hospitals. Calculate also the distance from ‘ the candidate ‘ of your home into a workplace.

* To find out new housing list click here.

If possible, you can also find out Your target home surroundings. For example, a neighbor who lives in the housing, whether majority populated by young families or not, etc.

The ninth month – Do your research the Bank/financial institution

When you have selected the housing which will be a target, it’s time to do some research for the filing of KPR. Especially if you are going to take a mortgage with a long period as 15 – 20 years.

Some people choose to take repayments are slightly higher but has a fixed rate, and some people choose the floating rate. Check also what documents are needed to apply.

The tenth month and Next – contact the Developer

You have to determine which ones will be housing choices and also research the bank that will provide a MORTGAGE. Next you should contact the developer to get information about the House that you seek.

Check also your savings is already sufficient to pay for the DP. Buying a home with good planning certainly will make this process go well anyway.

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