Tips for visiting ala Trinity

Tips for visiting ala Trinity

The author, who is also a traveler, Trinity, holds the principle of “take nothing but picture”, do not take anything but photos, while her walking.


Right now, a lot of people who go somewhere because of the look on Instagram,” said Trinity when encountered on occasion Marine Buddies WWF Indonesia, Thursday.


Consequently, he said, many people who come to a site, including the sea, not to explore, but for the sake of a photo to upload on Instagram.


Writers who‘ve visited 79 countries that share a couple of things to note while on a trip to the sea.


1. don’t take the sand and shells
There are times when travelers want to take home a keepsake as oysters or sand ever visit the place. Whereas, according to the few tourists as well as activists, just the same as taking them from their original place.


“Do not take, for example on the beach take sand or shells,” said Trinity.


Unfortunately, he assesses it in Indonesia is still minimal even though the country has a vast sea.


He exemplifies the airport in the Philippines would ban when the scanner tool bagsfind sand carried in the bag.


2. Float
Not everyone who goes to sea to swim. Trinity confess to never travel by people who could not swim, but for the sake of a good photo, the man refused to wear the vest.


In order not to sink, people were selecting stand on coral reefs.


In addition, if you want to go to sea, he suggests practicing in the pool before leaving.


3. no need to hold the animals
Interact with marine animals does not mean having to hold it. He personally did notagree to the tour that offers the experience of holding the animals because animalscan make it uncomfortable.


So is tourism feed fish with bread for example, which many found in several places in Indonesia.


“Actually it shouldn’t be because beyond natural (natural life),” said the owner of the name Hutagaol Perucha.


4. bring the garbage
Waste becomes a problem most often he met while travelling in Indonesia, either atsea or on land. Trinity admitted to not hesitate to rebuke people who litter thoughhe will get yelled at or called ferociously.


Often he found garbage while diving. He suggested as much as possible bring garbage from the bottom of the sea.

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