These signs of an unhealthy relationship

These signs of an unhealthy relationship

There are times when love blinded people who got an unpleasant treatment of his partner. Clinical psychologist Raobrown Rumondor outlining the danger signals that indicate your relationship actually unhealthy.


1. There is an imbalance of power, one feels higher than any other


2. There is violence, whether it be verbal (mock, calling with call rough), physical (hitting, kicking, pinching), sexual (touching without consent, forced sex), to restriction(prohibiting meet the opposite sex, at a wedding: hold the couple’s money).


3. one of the couples involved alcohol or illegal substances adiksi
4. Many secrets (including infidelity)
5. More changed so more negative when compared to the positive changes in the relationship
6. “Hitung-hitungan and reply: replying to each other
7. The criticism does not build. For example, one party generalize the problem and admonished the couple with the statement, “you have always been so,” or “you neverput it this way,”
8. Martial Arts (defensiveness)
9. Contempt: feel more wonderful and more true of couples, so discouraging couples
10. Stonewalling: choose to AU problem and did not talk with a partner


If one or more of the above traits occurring in your relationship? The world has notended. This is not a gesture should be directly ran aground, try some steps to improve your interaction with the couple.
1. Reflection of self: try take to think about what you feel in this connection? Unhealthy relationship characteristics of what appears in your relationship and your partner? What are your expectations in this connection? What changes do you want it inside you? What changes do you want in a partner?


2. write the results of meditations that which then have to be discussed with the couple


3. Find the best time to talk with your partner, that is when you are both in the neutral condition. Raobrown recommend to do so after the completion of work or after a meal.


4. First step: talk about your feelings and hopes to partner with “I-messages” or message me, with “the following formula”:


a. Describe the behavior of a couple who bother you
b. the specific situations Mentioned when such behaviour appears.
c. Please describe your feelings in those situations.
d. Explain the behavior you expected from pairs
e. Close call with affection or words full of love.


Example: when you forbid me to go the same my cousin [behavior] Saturday last week [the situation], I felt sad and depressed [feeling]. I hope you can give a permit I went with cousin [hope], because I need it. Hopefully you understand yes dear [call dear] …


5. Lastly, if found it hard to communicate with your partner, it’s time to seek professional help as a marriage counselor or psychologist.