Procedure Of Land Inheritance Certificates

Procedure Of Land Inheritance Certificates

again received questions from readers of the origin of Lenteng Agung i.e. Pak Supriadi, who plans to make the land certificate for some heirs.

In a message sent via email, Pak Looks tell, “there is a plot of land covering an area of-/+ 900m2, as land carriers which are already certified on behalf of eight people (including on behalf of my mother-in-law). My mother-in-law part land covering an area of 365m2, and the land area is harga rumah di solo¬†what will be spun-off certificate. ”

“But from a land area of my mother-in-law this 365m2, will split again covering an area of 200m2, passed on to my wife as her son and 165m2 keep on behalf of my mother-in-law. The question, bagaimakan process take care of it? “sambungnya.

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Answered the question Looks that might Pack experienced also by most of the community, the important note that in civil litigation, the principle of KUH inheritance can be seen in section 830 832 PENAL CODE and article.

The content of the article explains that the new inheritable estate to another party in the event of a death. In addition, the beneficiary must also have a blood relationship with the heir.

The principle of the Division of first group take precedence, i.e. husband/wife who lived longest and children/descendants, which can be seen in section 852 of the CRIMINAL CODE.

Filing Via The BPN

For communities that do not have much time, take care of the broken certificates actually could be done with the help of the notary or CONVEYANCER services. That way, the public will not be hassles with all procedural.

But if you want to take care of himself, how else is quite easy, just go to the local Land Agency Office, where the location of the land legacy.

Before going to the Office of BPN, first the heirs have to make Affidavits Heir (SKW) who explained that those concerned are heirs of the parents.

The certificate must be made by the heir, heirs, and witnessed by two witnesses and corroborated by the head of the village residence heir.

While other terms and procedures set forth in the regulations of the national land Agency Chief No. 1 in 2010, and the fee provided for in REGULATION No. 14 in 2010.

When about to heading the Office of BPN, don’t forget to take along a number of documents such as:

Application form already filled out and signed by the applicant or his power over enough postage labels (which contain: identity; spacious, location and land use are requested; statement of land is not in dispute; the land physically controlled statement; reason possible solution)
Power of attorney if the delegated
Copy of the applicant’s identity (ID card, KK) and power when delegated, which has been matched with the original by the attendant counters
Original certificate
Permits a change of land use, in the event of a change of land use
Attach evidence of CNS/PPh in accordance with the provisions of
Land Office from kavling footprint
Based on annex II national land Agency Chief Regulation number 1 of 2010 about the standard of service and Land Arrangements (“Perka BPN No. 1/2010”), a period of breaking/splitting one individual owned parcels of land is 15 (fifteen) days.

How much does it cost?

The community should remove the fee for this service depending on the value of their land.

For example, if the certificate of the land behind the name lies in the important places, then the cost of dealing is Rp 52.925. This is because the area of NJOP on this year is $2.925.000.

As for the cost of service behind him, NJOP name Rp3,5 Pakansari Subdistrict, like millions of Cibinong, the applicant will be charged Rp 53.500.