7 Easy Steps to Collect House DP

7 Easy Steps to Collect House DP

Obstacles to buy a home is usually often hampered by the eligibility of the down payment (DP). Although the current provisions of the House Purchase DP is less expensive ie at least ranging from 10% – 30%, but the fact that consumers are still frustrated to pay DP to the developer.

Young business woman and money banknotes flying in air on the white background.

Not a few consumers who claim to be interested in buying a home because it already feels they have the ability to pay the mortgage each month. But when it comes to dealing with the amount of DP that must be paid ultimately leads consumers to retreat regularly.

Actually there are many ways that you can meet the DP house. Yes one of them might be a chance to catch a rat that was blown up by the local government of DKI Jakarta recently. One rat valued at Rp20 thousand loh! But the question is; Are you willing to catch a mouse every day to pursue DP house?

Diana Sandjaja, Financial Planner from Tatadana.com, outlines at rumah minimalis 2 lantai least 7 steps that can be done in order to meet the DP home purchase, following his review:

Step 1. Negotiate the DP payment to the developer

“The first possible step is to negotiate the DP payment. There is usually a DP installment facility provided by the developer, especially if the property is still pivot (not yet). If this can be done, then calculate the exercise to have the installment. Then the DP installment option could be the best option, “said Diana.

Step 2. Find a side income

“Currently a side business for workers who are trending is to become a motorcycle taxi or driver online. It can also be a mediator with network capital friendship or other business skills. As long as the side job does not interfere with the main job, “he said.

Melakoni ojek online can be done at the weekend. For example, a week eight takes orders. Thus, the assumption of minimum income that can be obtained for Rp800 thousand. In fact, it could be even bigger, if you are hardworking and set the time.

Step 3. Become a mediator with network capital

“Try to develop your interest and talent that can make money. For example being a mediator such as making project design a project, related to IT, and others, “he said.

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Step 4. Liquidate property

“If the installment option can not be done, then the other option is to liquidate property owned. For example a vehicle or jewelry. Because having property requires sufficient funds, so the sacrifices are also quite large, “said Diana.

Step 5. Borrowing at company work or employee cooperatives

If the funds are still not enough, then the option to borrow at the company where work or employee cooperatives can be an alternative.

Step 6. Borrow softly to the family

“But if not also sufficient then soft loans from the family can be an option. This loan at least not burdensome you, because it is not related to interest and penalties, “said Diana.

Step 7. Save

Lastly, it is frugal. According to Diana, frugality is the wisest way for your financial planning to run smoothly. Avoid consumptive activities or find other solutions that can minimize spending.

“But that must be considered when going home installments, the total total installment max 30% – 35% of income. If it does not meet, extend the tenor, to make the installment smaller. Notice if you still have another installment (installment of debt komsumtif), try to pay off first, “Diana message.

House Strategic Location? Take advantage for Business!

House Strategic Location? Take advantage for Business!

Once confused determines the type of investment you want, you also think to open a place of business-like a restaurant-at home.

Moreover, seeing your house on the main road and a large public around him have become many places of business.

It’s a pity if you do not use it as a business land. If you want the business to run successfully, this is the step.

Take care of IMB so that your business is not considered illegal or unauthorized. Then look at the area of ​​your house, adjust the breadth of the restaurant you want to set up with the house. Just do not take your public roads.

Distinguish between home for business and the house you live in. The goal is not to interfere with personal activities in the house. Choose an area that is free from home activities, for example in a corner of land closer to the road.

Got parking space. Although the restaurant you set is not too broad, should have a parking lot, can be used for minimal parking motor. The reason, consumers will be rumah minimalis sederhana disappointed and cancel the desire to come to your restaurant if the parking area does not exist. If your target consumer is a boarding child and a young age, parking lot is mandatory.

If possible add a small page as a green open space. The goal is to keep consumers comfortable while in your small restaurant. Sometimes the business room also needs to be equipped with a clean bathroom. The bathroom is also useful if you later have employees who take care of your business.

Notice the sanity. Do not cause you feel the business area is still narrow and then close the gutter with concrete or damage the drains. Sewer you can cover with a hollow iron that still passable vehicle. Besides you also still need a smooth water channel around your business.

Check the type of business that is around your place. If there is already a similar restaurant, you should choose other businesses. Home-based restaurant business will be more salable if you are near kosan, doctor’s clinic, and car repair shop.

Debt and Its Consequences

Debt and Its Consequences

Do you want to owe or maybe even give you debt relief? If so, before doing so it’s good to listen to this article that will discuss the sundry of debt and its consequences.

Its true debt is a form of depiction of a person’s character. Kaukabus Syarqiyah, Financial Planner of the Financial Literacy Kaukabus said, the element of the character itself into the 5C assessment of the bank to measure the applicant’s debt.

“Keep in mind, the debt is potentially addictive. If you are accustomed to debt then you will be addicted so that will return the debt again. Precisely the feared, debt is not completed even so dig a hole close the hole, “said Kikau to R, Thursday (27/10/2016).

Before begging or giving you a debt, the following tips are given to you:

The rules of the debtors

According Kikau, for those who will give the debt to the applicant should not directly give it. It would be wise if you do the selection of the borrower. There are at least points you should look for, including:

See the track record of the applicant, can be from the statement of friends, relatives, and others.
You must of course have the funds to be raised, and never make it up to borrow to others.
Agreement related to repayment deadline must be clear. This provision does not rule out when lending money to the family.
Avoid charging in a bad way. For example billing in social media as the case of Julia Perez and Ayu Ting Ting. Of course, given the debt is closely related to one’s character.
Rules for debt applicants

For debt applicants it should be:

Knowing how much you want to be told. Adjust the needs of the debt, and adjust the amount of debt with the ability to pay. It means not too much.
Must know who you want to owe. “For example, find someone who has more financial ability above us. Instead, find a good person and not burdensome, “he said.
Do not owe it to the moneylender.
Commitment owed mortgage to the bank:

Debt is also usually done for those who want to buy a house. Here’s the owed commitment to the bank you need to do:

Find out if you have assets that can be a guarantee to the bank. If you have, at least this can be a convenience. But again this is just a guarantee. For example, when buying a home by mortgage, the deferred asset is the house he bought
Be self-aware whether you can afford it or not. “Remember, the bank provisions are more stringent. You are required to perform the consequences if you do not fulfill your obligations. And obey the provision to apply the installment amount 35 percent of your income, “said Kikau.
Save. This is a basic assumption to be done by everyone who is in debt.

Kind of Minibus can be Rented in Yogyakarta

The number of tourists which is visiting Yogyakarta several years is increasing. That`s also make demand for car also increasing. This is because many tourists who come to Yogyakarta come without bringing their vehicles so they need a car when holiday in Yogyakarta. Car rental can also varied from the type of city car to the minibus. For minibus, they are many options that can be obtained at the car rental in Yogyakarta. What Kind of minibuses that can be rented for in Jogja? Here’s a short explanation of us are summarized in this article:

  1. KIA Travello

The first minibus that can be rented for a tour in Jogja is KIA Travello. This vehicle is a choice by many tourists for up to 12 adults passenger. In addition the car also has an interesting appearance both inside and outside. KIA Travello could be one option for those who need this kind of vehicle.

  1. Isuzu Elf Microbus

The next minibus car is Isuzu Elf Microbus. This vehicle has two variants: short and Long. Both have difference in capacity which short Elf can accommodate 10 people while long Elf could carry 16 adults passengers. Microbus Elf is one of the favorite cars for tourists because it can accommodate many people and cheap rate. Therefore, the demand for these vehicles is so high that many rental ownersbuy Elf microbus in Jogjathan offer this car to consumers. In addition, these vehicles also proved resilient in all fields.If you want to rent Elf microbus in Jogja you can search it in google with this word: sewa Elf Jogja


  1. Toyota Hiace

The last car is a Toyota Hiace. For the consumer, the Toyota Hiacecould be the best option. This car can be said to be best in its class. With a capacity of up to 15 people, this vehicleprovides comfort and safety for the tourists who want anexclusive trip. Although the rent price is relatively high but the vehicle have chosen by the tourists who come to Yogyakarta for a tour.

That is the cars that can be rented or provided in the car rental in Yogyakarta. There are still many other types of cars that would be discussed another time. Hopefully the above explanation we can be useful and could be an additional reference for you when going to rent a vehicle in Yogyakarta.

The most effective method to Educate Children Want To Learn Each Day

Hi Mother.

the trouble of teaching kids who are lethargic to learn well? In fact, for a few youngsters, learning is a weight that they need to do, notwithstanding learning can be an alarming thing for some kids. Also, youngsters here and there constantly irritated guardians, who now and then so languid when advised to learn.

Yes surely troublesome mother, dealing with the kid. in any case, if the mother needs to prepare youngsters to be roused to need to learn at home ought to take after the technique beneath.

  1. Oftentimes convey at the child of a mother ought to regard set the time and share his adoration for youngsters, don’t be excessively engrossed with krumah, office, even cluster with neighbors, get used to visiting with kids and make concordance so that the relationship all the more nearly, and it additionally will make kids simpler to oversee. for instance take the children discuss their every day life, for example, school, or companions. who knows the kid will disclose to you why he’s extreme and languid learning.
  2. Mother ought to be a decent case The mother So … in the event that the mother has figured out how to allure a youngster, then the kid was likewise eager to learn, ought to stay close to the tyke’s mom mother. while perusing a book or magazine as an afterthought. Along these lines can inspire kids to need to learn. try not to try and sit in front of the TV or play portable side, later there will be available when the lethargic demeanor frequently observed her mom don’t embody great.
  3. Set clock Start early learning kid ought to need to set the time Mother of the youngster, even as far as learning. yet at the same time offer flexibility to youngsters, it will make the tyke used to the normal that was at that point settled upon time. for instance, set the tyke find out around 5pm after he played, or you can likewise give somewhat of a stun when your tyke on time.
  4. Make learning fun climate Usually a kid has their own specific manner to learn, perhaps if amid the mother gives a learning air that is exceptionally immersed, it helps the mother gives a fun learning condition. for instance, if youngsters are learning math, you can give a speculating amusement about math. This is a successful way loh mother.
  5. Mother must have persistence key to welcome kids love to learn is to stay cool and patient, control feelings when the youngster’s mom was advised to concentrate hard, in light of the fact that taking kids to figure out how to chasten, harassing or debilitating won’t deliver anything, even the tyke will getting apathetic to learn as a result of the emphasis on the feelings of their folks. in the event that the Mother stay cool and patient, eventually they will obey us ko, remember likewise the mother.

normally a tyke will take after the character and conduct of the guardians, then it is to remain quiet and positive yes mother.

Enjoy Shopping On The Internet By Using These Tips

Enjoy Shopping On The Internet By Using These Tips

Have you already bought things from the ease of one’s family area? Have you found some rare things from shop to shop to find it?

When coming up with an online purchase, often seek a coupon codes. Many ecommerce websites offer by performing a basic search offers that can be observed. This can be a bit as long as you’re doing shopping of spending less.

Enjoy Shopping On The Internet By Using These Tips

Take a look at consumer reviews to get a retailer you’re contemplating. This can help make sure that you a good idea of the caliber of customer support and their products. When the seller has low that is constant evaluations, chances are they must be eliminated.

Attempt being individual rather than overpaying for quick delivery if at all possible.You may be astonished at how quickly your goods arrive pretty quickly with the standard shipping charges. The amount of money you’re preserving can buy you a lot more down the road.

Utilize the charts revealed on online retailer’s websites. A big concern when it concerns clothes shopping online is the Internet is that it really is hard to inform whether or not something will suit you. You can be saved a measurement that is too major or little for you by this.

This ensures the internet site your information protected along with is secure.

You should be aware as being repaired, that excess items will be the same. You can get superb bargains on refurbished or excess goods.

Try in the event you reside, to only store having a corporation which are situated in the united states. Your transactions are covered by condition and national rules with one of these types of suppliers. When purchasing items based away from same security on international sites you don’t get similar rights.

When purchasing an expensive product online, choose courier transport, FedEx. You could possibly desire to cover the deal.

You need to be familiar with what it will take if it does not suit, to return an item or anything is wrong withit. You’ll merely be jammed should you purchase it without dividends available.

Make sure that the visitor address bar claims “https” before you give out your card information. The “s” is short for Stability.

This may permit you look and calm.

Lots of persons getting goods recognize they must keep out an eye for “https” inside if they’re searching online.

Once you shop online do not offer your Social Security number. Be wary of any site that needs these details when you are currently building a purchase. Your social security number is not a requirement to buy online. To using your identity theft the door cans start.

Understand all you could about market websites to cut costs. These sites that are specific generally provide items at a discounted price. These sites typically offer rapid shipping together with fast delivery.

When you are a favorite client together with your favorite stores you can appreciate advantages. You’re confident to obtain special deals and more affordable shipping options. You frequently have to join up as a way to get this, so it is smart to have a specific bill only for purchasing.

If you are currently completing your purchase also you are asked by it for a promotion code,’ perhaps you are able to save the cost of shipment or obtain a selected amount that is additional off the ultimate price. There are certainly a amount of websites it is possible to examine that have online coupons listed. Search the site’s title and find out if there’;s any limitations it is possible to locate a code that is related. This may help you save lots of income and fast.

Make a wish list of objects you plan to purchase the road down. You can wait before you have unique on your own list making a purchase, and you may also easily view the cost to help you snag things that go on sales.

Coupons usually have a specific window for usability. Pay close focus on these numbers to avoid disappointment.

Register with acquire promotions from trusted online retailers. Many online vendors supply e-mail lists you may sign up for. These can warn you special discounts and offers that are not available to other shoppers.You are destined to save lots of a great deal of money by being a member of the mailing list of a shop when searching online.

Figuring out getting your shopping intimidates to help you branch out as your confidence increases many people because of the wealth of options.You could be aware of promotions and understand the fundamentals of internet shopping online.

Always do your comparison shopping online. There are various shopping websites such as PriceGrabber.com and Shopzilla.com where one to comparison shop. You can even compare products straight to get the best prices.

Some trusted online retailers supply free return shipment, although some fee shipping on results. That you don’t get to determine the item beforehand, and that means you should make certain if you want to that you’re able to return it without hassle while buying online.

Check to find out when the online shop price matching. This can help you get the best price you can while dealing with a retailer that is dependable. The website is not advertised by some websites.

Do not trust web stores to get fantastic service just because of the huge name.Many shops of a dealer have a hard time offering superior company to customers. Before you agree to a large purchase, examine the reviews online retailers omdimas

By comparing points when buying online, generally store. It might be hard to comparison shop at real store locations, nevertheless it is straightforward to accomplish online.

Buying online should nolonger be a puzzle for your requirements. It can be lots of enjoyment to seek out just the item you find at a bargain price. Just be sure you are utilising the guidelines from above to ensure you’re ready for buying on the world wide web.

Easy-To Follow Guidance About Online Shopping

Easy-To Follow Guidance About Online Shopping

Others love shopping online as a result of all the variety and to cut costs. The things this informative article will allow you to feel the most advantages of shopping.

Always look for coupon codes before you create a purchase online. Several shops that are online offer discounts for items that are various and a simple search is just required by these. This can be for spending less while online purchases a marvelous method.

Easy-To Follow Guidance About Online Shopping

Key shopping websites are often targeted via other people who need to take your information or go into your accounts along with hackers.

When you are online shopping, never-ever present your SSN. No body wants that information to be able to promote anything to you. Keep the site instantly to check out a reliable supplier.

Take a look at customer reviews to get a retailer you are considering. This generally provides you with a good idea of the quality of the company’s goods the company constantly gets poor feedback, think about purchasing with another merchant.

Generally read every aspect about an item’s merchandise page you make a purchase.Just considering a photo of anything on the Internet could be deceiving. It could create a specified product seem the wrong measurement in comparison to truth. Be sure to examine descriptions to know everything you might actually get.

Enroll with any online organization you frequently look there. You may setup your account for emails regarding specific deals before others do.

Browse the product site for almost any object you purchase. Keep in mind that the merchandise photograph may possibly not be just match them.

Critique your entire shopping cart to be sure guess what happens you will be receiving.

If there is a that requires to be resolved, several sites also behave intermediary. Others present no aid with it yourselves.

Look for promotion code before making an online purchase. There are certainly a large amount of websites that keep promotion code catalogs for you yourself to proceed through. If you are unable to look for a coupon code for your website you’ve in mind, you certainly can do a keyword look for your merchant’s title plus “discount code”. You could find anything you would like hargapromosupermarket

You ought to understand that surplus items tend to be called excess. You will often get great deals on surplus or refurbished product.

Join obtain updates provided by online retailers. Subscribing to some shop’s publication may give you access to the interior information on items and offers that the public doesn’t know about yet in case you look frequently in a certain website. This preparing your shopping trips to save a lot of money and could enable you to purchase products before they sell out.

Use online calculator to assess handling to find the actual value of the given option and delivery. That is actually accurate for huge acquisitions that need capital. Crunch all the numbers to make sure that you are performing the top offer possible.You may find the results are from what you find, different.

Check money saving discussion boards online exactly about shopping to save more cash out. This can help you to acquire alerts from others which are seeking offers just like you. You might find offers you’dn’t have discovered any other way via a community.

Select shops that appear at your search engine’s top when you are wanting to get something. Stores about the following pages could be smaller rather than be also regarded; you need to be conscious of that. Merchants which might be well known can be a highlevel of customer care.

You need to be alert to any tax responsibilities if you are shopping for issues online.

Don’t offer any purchasing on the net. Be wary of any website that requests this information to produce a purchase. Your security number is not a necessity to get online. Giving your Social Security quantity leaves you vunerable to identity stolen.

Because you are about to give them your own personal data be sure your website you’re looking on may be trusted.This is critical. It’s feasible your identity might be vulnerable, if the site is not reliable. You may be cost lots of time and time by this issue.

You happen to be in great company if you have been kept by the possibility of online identity theft on the internet. If you’re still concerned about security, start at bigname corporations that you already trust by buying.

Study evaluations about what you’re likely to acquire, before you buy anything, specifically something massive. Many sites occur to offer a great deal of reviews, that may help to make your purchases far more comfortable concerning.

Finding out how to get your purchasing intimidates a lot of people due to the success of options.You may be able as your expertise increases to have special offers.

Several rates are compared by constantly when shopping online. There are lots of different shopping sites that permit you can comparison shop. It gives you compare items sidebyside to view that will be the best deal.

Some retailers that are online supply free return delivery, they don’t really all do that. You do not get a possiblity to see the authentic product, so that you need to be able to go back things when you wish when you get online.

Before giving out private information, often review the privacy policy of the website of any online store. Certain outlets offer their consumers’ email or additional personal information to be able to make extra revenue. Should you hate junk-mail, always check out a website’s online privacy policy should you choosen’t like that which you discover so you can shop elsewhere.

Ensure your anti-virus spyware and application is up to date. Making oneself apparent from these packages will keep you better.

It can be addictive to search online. You have a world of product right-there at your fingertips, with a simple click. In regards to onlineshopping, understanding the ropes helps you cut costs.

Discovering Shoes Information Has Had One To The Proper Place

Discovering Shoes Information Has Had One To The Proper Place

Buying shoes could be hard due to models and the different choices. What in case you seek in sneakers? Can you understand what the latest variations? There are numerous issues you need to know before purchasing excursion. If you need read this.

Don’t wear shoes without wearing socks. This can harm your foot. This may also make since the shoe will get wet, foot fungus expand. Use clothes and maybe even some foot powder to ensure the feet stay dry.

Discovering Shoes Information Has Had One To The Proper Place

A good set of footwear is going to be comfortable from your get go. You’re able to get base issues if you breakin uncomfortable shoes.

Do not fall prey for the idea of breaking sneakers will bring relief. Several footwear sales agents believe shoes must be broken-in an uncomfortable set of footwear. That could not necessarily correct. When you put it on, a great boot may match perfectly. Try-on another pair if the shoes feel uneasy.

Don’t allow yourself think that all unpleasant shoes will become more comfortable with time. They should be comfortable from your firsttime you try them on. As you want later, they may not necessarily stretch. They may just end up hurting forever.

Walk around within your shoes before you determine to purchase them. Take a walk across the retailer simply to be sure that they feel well on your feet while not simply and walking when you’re sitting down. You can then experience them rubbing that might occur. Because you will not be getting bad shoes this will assist in saving a lot of money.

Never buy shoes which you believe they’re going to match better when they’ve been utilized a couple of situations. It doesn’t always work and you will have lost your money.The novel exemption to this should you intend to have the sneakers expanded because of corns or bunions is.

Should you be buying up children who’re merely understanding how to go shoes, you have to choose something that is well-made and sturdy. As toddlers start to wander, the excess security helps prevent harm. Tennis shoes are best for walkers that are new. Any sneakers that has a smooth lows are risky and to be avoided.

Don’t choose on a couple of exercise sneakers based exclusively on the looks. You also have a professional evaluate your walking and need to search for an employee. This can make sure that you obtain the ideal sneakers for the foot.

A black Sharpie can help you restore a scrape on the shoe that is dark. This way you will make the heel of one’s shoe black as opposed to appearing like a lighter scuffed area.

Invest in order to wear on formal events, in one pair of dress shoes that’ll appear great with a tuxedo. You are able to avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes that are rental.

There is a lot to learn about purchasing shoes, while you can see today. A great number of choices can be found to you! Nevertheless, the ideas in this specific article can begin you to the way to intelligent shoe buying. Utilize this wonderful data when you next look for sneakers to make a sensible selection.

Here It Is The Excellence Of The Dome Materials GRC On The Building Of The Mosque

Here It Is The Excellence Of The Dome Materials GRC On The Building Of The Mosque

The dome is the architectural section of the roof of the mosque which forms have a certain characteristic. Where there is a dome-like shape of the taper in the upper part, shaped like onions etc. In today’s modern times, the use of the shape of the vault itself increasingly varied of course dressed with materials also vary. One of the materials used to vault is a vault materials GRC. GRC is an abbreviation of Glassfiber harga kubah masjid Reinforce Cement. Many mosques are utilizing materials GRC at the material of the dome.Here It Is The Excellence Of The Dome Materials GRC On The Building Of The Mosque
Dome Materials GRC Advantage
The dome made of GRC itself is qualified, measurable and how it works so neatly. The selection of the dome made of GRC includes most ideal option because it offers lots of advantages. GRC’s own material including the most ideal material applied to the dome of the mosque is good at the moment and in the future. Through the selection of the dome of the mosque at GRC course selections on the following design patterns building the mosque to be built. In addition, if compared to the process of making the dome via the cast takes a lot of engineering budget certainly bermaterial dome materials GRC most appropriate to choose from. In addition cast technique belongs to the heavier weighted to the structure on the basis of accounts.
This contrasts with the materials Vault from the GRC had a lighter weights because made of composite materials. For more details, you can see reviews of excellence dome materials GRC as follows:
Easier Installation
The dome of the mosque was made from GRC has advantages in terms of installation. Where the dome made of GRC this installation made easier so that only require the amount of labor that a bit. As for it being caused in pairs by stringing parts sheets on the dome that had been printed in advance.
Lighter Weight
Dome materials GRC had a lighter or heavy weights because manufacturing base material is composite. This gives advantages in which will not overload the structural parts of the base.
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More Cost Effective
When compared to the vault of engineering cor, the dome made it GRC costs only a less expensive and more efficient. This is certainly able to minimize budget construction of the mosque.
Better Durability
There are many advantages that owned the dome made of GRC, more resistant to mildew, ultraviolet rays, cannot easily be rotted and the pengecatannya becomes easier. In smaping it, the dome of the mosque was made this better GRC anti collision and friendly to the environment. Of course the advantages it gives a role that is so important for the environment and the structure of the building of the mosque itself.
Through the excellence of the materials Vault owned GRC is, of course, no wonder many people prefer these materials to be applied in the construction of the mosque. The most important thing is, the dome of the GRC is not until the cost is too great. In addition to the quality that is so qualified, of course, the choice of the dome materials GRC can be used as an alternative to the construction of the mosque. With so many mosques that apply this GRC bermaterial Dome, certainly makes the structure of the building of the mosque are more qualified, not easily collapsed mosque and also make it more sturdy. Moreover, with the help of the ketahannya dome very well, so can minimize the cost of maintenance of the mosque itself. So the reviews regarding the primacy of the materials Vault GRC, may be useful!

Get the best Vault Price

Get the best Vault Price

The mosque is a holy building used throughout the Muslims to communicate with the creator personally or in congregation. Many beautiful mosques can we find all over the world. The mosque’s charm radiates from one of its architecture, the dome of the mosque is not just a harga kubah masjid galvalum but his magnificent dome also has some functions only to beautify the appearance of slah mosque. The architecture of the beginning of the mosque of the Messenger its shape in the form of a rectangle whose perimeter walls and there are function.

On the inside of the wall as a whole is built like a foyer which will directly be connected to an open field in the Center. Then the development of the age, technology is increasingly popping up so that the dome was created as a cover the roof of the mosque.

Various models of the mosque from the time the more diverse, there are cone-shaped, hemispherical-shaped, and some are head-shaped onions. And materials for the service of making kubahpun was also been diversifying. There are made stainleesteel, galvalum, and also light steel. The price of the Vault has the distinction of hanging with the height, diameter, and the number of required materials. The following are the price of the vault each material:

The Dome Of The Mosque Of Stainleesteel Materials
The dome of the mosque who made this stainleesteel usually often we encounter at the small mosque-the mosque and also the mosque in the village. Stainlessteel material has a thickness of approx. 0.4 – 0.5 mm. The shape of the dome of the material also has a lot of sorts, it’s called the high rounded or spherical dome shape, parts of ball or hemispherical Dome, play, and also a factory or balingdo dome ventilator factory. The pricing model for each Vault is also different that certainly also adjusted to the required diameter. For example, to rotate the dome model diameter 0.40 m valued around 500,000, whereas for the model of the cupola hemispherical measuring 2 m diameter all cherished about 2 million. The price of a dome made of stainleesteel with other models also have a price that is not different from both jau models of yesteryear have been mentioned.

Vault Galvalum Materials
The more progress, the material is also one of the galvalum now demand. Mosques in Indonesia has also many are using these materials. Galvalum made this Vault has several advantages, one of the perks is stainless. The dome made from plat galvalum which has a thickness of about 0.4 – 0.5 mm. Despite of the thickness and the same advantage with stainleesteel materials, but both of these ingredients have a perbedakan sanagt significance, the material can be guvalum in the paint and colors for the dome can be customized as you wish. And paint the dome could last about 10 years. The price of the vault are made of guvalum per diameter 1.0 m with a height of 0.50 m wide 2.49 m appreciated 3,490,000 ranges.

Vault Material Mild Steel
The dome of the mosque by using such material has a thickness of 0.8 – 1.6 mm thicker than stainleesteel and guvalum. However it is easily corroded material but with painting with ENAMEL system makes these materials can last a long time and the telindungi of rust. Enamel system for material mild steel sanagt profitable catnya durability can endure for more than 30 years. Need to paint ternyatra enamel dingat themselves cannot for in cat. The price of the dome of the mosque are made of mild steel is not far different from Vault materials galvalum.

The price of the vault above already mentioned is the selling price on the island of Java, for a price outside of Java can be more expensive to the doubling of the price that is in the Java. In any customer any type of Vault has a price tailored to size. The number range of models of the cupola, it could menabah a reference to embellish the building of a mosque to make it look more beautiful and give kenyamaan to all the people were in the mosque.

With varied prices Vault has to offer, then it will give you many options and alternatives for the customer to get the desired vault with the best price and compete with others.