Online shopping, Goods Coming in does not match Photos

Ladies, who the heck can not resist the temptation of shopping online? Moreover, while the salary of the new liquid and newsletters from e-commerce we follow start with we stormed the discount. Well, no strong faith deh!

Shop online now is not new anymore. Just by looking at the catalog via the internet, to confirm the order and transfer payment via e-banking, within a few days the stuff was already in hand. However, in the middle of the ease that are offered, there is still a lot of stories about disappointing online shopping.

Yes, because it cannot see the item in person, we often katalog promosi only roundabout and guessing as to what form the objects of our message. Let alone if it is not included a clear description of the goods, in particular the size of the item. As experienced some netizen.

@Adamhess1 Twitter account recently uploaded her picture on Twitter expressing annoyance buy rugs online. Hope get pretty fancy carpeting to be installed in his room, thus he gets … Yes, that’s right, the super mini size with carpeting. Look at the size, I think the carpet is more suitable for Dolls House.

Similar story with @adamhess1, also experienced by @ellharfordxo. Instead of getting a pair of lawn chairs for parents, thus the dapatng is a super mini garden chairs. Ouch!

Not only the household furnishings, another netizen ever get apes when shopping online fashion goods. Order the leggings, that comes in a package that is sent is leggings size Barbie dolls. So a shoe boots that will be used for Halloween costumes. Coming precisely the nightmare, in the form of shoe boots are even placed in the Palm of the hand. HIHIHI …

Buying stuff online is indeed the trickykarena we can not touch and measure goods with real size. If there is not a clear description on the online catalog or there is no guarantee of return of the goods if there is discrepancy, it is better to buy niatmu undo it, Ladies. Dear money ‘ right?