Nadine Chandrawinata says so discerning travellers

Nadine Chandrawinata says so discerning travellers

The hobby of exploring various places, the model who is also environmental activists, Nadine Chandrawinata invites everyone who likes long walks to be discerning travelers and responsible.


Be a smart traveller, for example if the streets bring the bottle itself, are not aware that other people will see and then going there are educational, communication andhence tourism will have a nice image. We can provide a sample without coercion, “said Nadine when found in the launching application Marine Buddies WWF Indonesia, Thursday.


He most often see waste matter in various places that he had visited in Indonesia. In fact, according to him, the garbage is the responsibility of each person.


He always tried to find the trash bagging the trash and also brought the bottle to drink on its own while walking.


The expectation, interested people want to know why he was doing it so that such Contracting habits to other people.


“People who meet will respect,” said Nadine.


In addition, when walking, he suggested the refrain to do something that isn’t good for the environment.


For example, picking a flower just to be photographed and then uploaded to Instagram or holding marine animals while diving.


Animals living in the wild off, continued he, not necessarily comfortably held. He mengibaratkannya the same as ourselves held by foreigners.


Even, for that matter, there are ethics itself when encountering animals in nature, meet the whale shark, whale shark, while diving for example.


Based on guidelines such as WWF, said Nadine, should keep the closest 5 meters at the sight of a whale shark and when the fish swims closer, preferably diver adjust.


Any Internet help plan trips far easier, before leaving we recommend that you find out about the places to be visited in order to adapt to the surrounding environment.

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