LG to present 55-inch 3D TV, LG Nano Full LED Cinema

LG that are now being popularized the LG INFINIA 3D TVs her in Indonesia, introduced its newest 3D TV called the Nano Full LED Cinema or by type of LG 55LW9800 .

3D TV is said to have been certified THX. Type 55LW9800 features to create flicker-free 3D appearance. LG Nano Full LED Cinema / 55LW9800 is also equipped with LG Smart TV Internet hub that will provide Internet access to its users. https://www.bloglovin.com/@bestreviews/best-ultrawide-monitor

Internet TV feature allows users to enjoy Internet services together with significant others, like to browse and watch videos online. The new services include the Nano Full LED 3D TV Cinema / 55LW9800 which this is Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, MOG, and the Skype service.

With so many features and will offer a dazzling appearance, Lag 55LW9800 3D TV prices this official offered at a price of US $ 3799 or approximately USD 32.5 million. Interested?