IRTA Qasima, Guitarist Dangdut Prettiest Veiled Origin Magelang

Inkha Rizki Taqiyya Amalia or often in sapa IRTA is beautiful veiled Guitarist Grabag, Magelang, Central Java origin. The figure of the guitarist’s gorgeous birth may 14, 1997ini started out in public when her highlight often perform with the Orchestra asa graffiti picture Qasima perform her videos uploaded on the youtube website.

QASIMA is a group of Malay rhythm graffiti picture Orchestra band’s style in a young female domination by beautiful who always wore a headscarf at her perform andeach is gitar akustik murah already pretty well known widely in Magelang and sekitanya. QASIMA standalone since 1984 and is now undergoing regenerate to 4.

Check out the interview with irta yuk team some time ago.

Team ZG: when you first get to know the instrument guitar?

IRTA: Udah lama because abaad guitarist too hehe

ZG team: learning guitar like self-taught, or what ya got to join les?

IRTA: Diajarin abaad continues ever les pas kls 3 high school but quit because the school schedule, further study padet itself because unlike the same genre abaad hehe.

ZG: teams mentioned orang2 who are involved in the process of learning the guitarirta

IRTA: Abaad. There are om Babobloch (guitar teacher) temen2 guitar: mas Chandra (guitarist gillas obb), mas tri (guitarist mgl), om ipam (aranger qasima),

IRTA: Kalo like guitar hell of the first, aja seneng clay abaad main, just interested so that fitting class bener2 guitarist 2sma.. time qasima regeneration temen2 to 4, (so parallel). Funjet also gara2 anyway so really likes hihi

Team ZG: what kind of guitar practice Patterns

IRTA: Penjarian continue, chased song request,

First song: ZG team learned/diulik and played as a guitarist.

IRTA: Sun world had nasidaria. (karna iseng2 want to come enter qasima, I listen to the song)

Team ZG: interesting Experience during study/play guitar? Tell me …

IRTA: time main dangdut. It’s really seruuu. the clay people, the smile days of clay I tmn2, sampe on ask adds again.. and have we do not go down first. hihi

Team ZG: when you first got the guitar yourself? Please tell us the brand and tell mehow you got it. ..

IRTA: class time 2 senior high school, the first guitar peavey, red and white. dapet from Om 19thcenturyrussianpoetry, the time that the blm had a standard guitar create learn his guitar at home question tua2 and some already sold. ABIS itu had not 19thcenturyrussianpoetry om bring continued results do not pake gantiin job Dr. qasima … sebenernya ga can be drawn anyway haha, so dipinjemin its intention, but he admitted ngeyel because it is delicious. ??

ZG team: S iapa only guitarist that inspires you? The reason is …

IRTA: first abaad.. love to see the game, second to Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, a lot of the sihh … Because love rock jugaa. same all guitarists dangdut could bawain his songs with cool.

ZG team: whoever the irta rock band love,

IRTA: Paramore love, dream theater, much like e. .. hehe if American, most like Nicky Aastria.

ZG: teams Mentioned gear (guitar, effects, AMPS) that you use currently? Please specify the type and the series also Yes …

IRTA: now pake Ibanez js 100 same effect gt 10. amplinya Vox. but the same bugeradisediain qasima.

ZG: teams mentioned band irta before qasima.

IRTA: before his band2an festivalan so, there’s the same powerpuffgirl gloss first. After vacuum ga sampe band2an from junior high school also has a band, klezmer, as well as just bantu temen same bands active in the junior high school band.

ZG team: tell me how irta sign and join qasima.

IRTA: join the same qasima the hell first because the same ditawarin mamah Tatik (basistnya qasima previous generations). keep idle aja join + kan can dapet extra money made the school so, anyways a gig it’s also already so hobby, so why not try something new. I’m an 80s kepo hihi

Team ZG: what makes the irta interested dangdut music is plunging into what became the guitarist dangdut.

IRTA: Seneng clay people could smile, joget2, enjoy what we bawain, from young children days parents can sampe it all. I think Indonesia’s dangdut genre, just who is able to make it so.

dangdut music that some people view him negatively, (opinion of Dr. tmn2ku I clay) may be a few because he has a yaa gitulah yg can make people negthink his subject matter … yahh irta heck also negthink thinkers, but turned out to be wrong … right not wrong his music …

It’s also a dangdut music Indonesia’s original … It is worth taking part in lestarikan anyway, so yes besides anyway want to change negative mindsets about dangdut. Anyway cool dangdut it kalo udah Share in it. .. (irta lho)

Team ZG: I see you are also good at bernyayi, are less vocal as well?

IRTA: First got les vocals but cuman departed 2 meeting schedule the same ajah karna clash gig qasima.