House Strategic Location? Take advantage for Business!

House Strategic Location? Take advantage for Business!

Once confused determines the type of investment you want, you also think to open a place of business-like a restaurant-at home.

Moreover, seeing your house on the main road and a large public around him have become many places of business.

It’s a pity if you do not use it as a business land. If you want the business to run successfully, this is the step.

Take care of IMB so that your business is not considered illegal or unauthorized. Then look at the area of ​​your house, adjust the breadth of the restaurant you want to set up with the house. Just do not take your public roads.

Distinguish between home for business and the house you live in. The goal is not to interfere with personal activities in the house. Choose an area that is free from home activities, for example in a corner of land closer to the road.

Got parking space. Although the restaurant you set is not too broad, should have a parking lot, can be used for minimal parking motor. The reason, consumers will be rumah minimalis sederhana disappointed and cancel the desire to come to your restaurant if the parking area does not exist. If your target consumer is a boarding child and a young age, parking lot is mandatory.

If possible add a small page as a green open space. The goal is to keep consumers comfortable while in your small restaurant. Sometimes the business room also needs to be equipped with a clean bathroom. The bathroom is also useful if you later have employees who take care of your business.

Notice the sanity. Do not cause you feel the business area is still narrow and then close the gutter with concrete or damage the drains. Sewer you can cover with a hollow iron that still passable vehicle. Besides you also still need a smooth water channel around your business.

Check the type of business that is around your place. If there is already a similar restaurant, you should choose other businesses. Home-based restaurant business will be more salable if you are near kosan, doctor’s clinic, and car repair shop.

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