Happy this way is easy,

Happy this way is easy,

To be happy it turned out that it only takes things easy and simple so that the brainand mind healthy, thus generating a feeling happy.


Alex Korb, a researcher neuroscience from UCLA who wrote The book The Upward Spiral, describes five habits that make your life happier. The following explanation isoffered from TIME:


1. Listening to music
Music affects the brain in a way that is interesting remind you of memories while living in a pleasant place. For example, the memories are happy at school, college or when falling in love.


The preferred listening to music will take you to a more happy and improve your mood.


“One of the powerful effect music comes from its ability to remind us of the previous environment where ever listen to music,” said Alex.


2. A smile
The human brain does not always get to be intelligent. Sometimes humans think ofrandom things and you don’t understand what is happening so often see the surrounding environment.


However, the human mind will return happy when seeing people around smile. That is the importance of smiling when happy, in addition to nourish the mind, it also helps people around the join was pleased.


“You feel happy and nothing makes you smile. A smile works both ways: when you smile, your brain can detect as if saying ‘ I mean I’m happy smile ‘. A smile can also generate happiness, “said Alex.


A study shows a smiling gives the brain a pleasure is equivalent to 2,000 rods Brown equivalent of 25,000 us dollars.


3. Think about the purpose of life
If you feel stressed, try one to think of the long term goals in life are living. It wouldgive control of the brain that makes you feel better and motivated.


You also have to keep thinking positive when things happen that are not according to plan or no development in the course of your life.


By thinking ‘ what my long term goals? What will I achieve? will make the brain feel doing homework is better than go to a party because of the feeling ‘ I work for that purpose. I am going to achieve anything meaningful in my life, “said Alex.


4. enough Sleep
The depression would destabilize human sleep patterns. Instead, bad sleep patternsalso lead to depression. For Alex recommends that you design a comfortable place to sleep and has a ritual before bed so that the brain can prepare asleep at the time.


In addition, regular sleep every night will also increase happiness and quality of sleep.


5. Don’t delay and get up good habits
So if you want to build good habits and stop putting off the job, the first thing to do is to reduce stress.


The delay is a vicious circle because if you postpone the work, then you have a littletime to complete the project, so the more stress then put off again and you are getting depressed.


So, to reduce stress and be happy, you have to eliminate the habit of delaying jobs and started to build one good habits.