Gisele Marie, Veiled Brazilian Metal Guitarist

At a glance, Gisele Marie akin to Muslim women in General. Close the Awrah even veiled. but the one thing that keeps people in shock, women veiled origin Sao Paulo,Brazil proved to be a guitarist of metal band. wuihh sadiss!!

Reported by the Daily Mail, Saturday (26/9/2015), female 42 years this was born of a Christian family. Marie decided converted in 2009, after his father died.

As for the music, be it the popular Marie long ago. He is a big fan of Randy Rhoads,guitarist for Heavy Metal band Quiet Riot. Before joining his new band, Marie had a chance to play with the hosts of the metal band sister, named Spectrus. He decidesout due to the gitar murah difference in viewpoints.

Many opinions of related scrolling appearance and his profession, where most people find it strange to see a woman veiled play for metal bands. Though not a little toohim interesting or cool.

“I don’t care about the supposed that seeing me with a veil. I hope people can understand that Islam is my religion, and music is my profession. Two things that are my personal characteristics, “he said.

“Music became my focus, and in fact, became a muslim at all do not give influence on the way the musical point of view,” sambungnya.

Living in a Christian environment does not restrict the choice to deepen Marie as a muslim. The family of Marie thus strongly support his decision.

“Did you know? I’ve long decided to wear the veil. Make this my normal clothes, nodifferent despite being used on stage, “he added.

“In fact, I think I’m able to climb walls with this outfit. I do not feel any difficulty with this outfit, “the lid.

Guitarist for rock bands this is indeed identical to the House of adam. But as the development of the era often beautiful and sexy woman with his talent in music managed to steal the attention of the public. such a lovely guitarist Nita Strauss.