Get the best Vault Price

Get the best Vault Price

The mosque is a holy building used throughout the Muslims to communicate with the creator personally or in congregation. Many beautiful mosques can we find all over the world. The mosque’s charm radiates from one of its architecture, the dome of the mosque is not just a harga kubah masjid galvalum but his magnificent dome also has some functions only to beautify the appearance of slah mosque. The architecture of the beginning of the mosque of the Messenger its shape in the form of a rectangle whose perimeter walls and there are function.

On the inside of the wall as a whole is built like a foyer which will directly be connected to an open field in the Center. Then the development of the age, technology is increasingly popping up so that the dome was created as a cover the roof of the mosque.

Various models of the mosque from the time the more diverse, there are cone-shaped, hemispherical-shaped, and some are head-shaped onions. And materials for the service of making kubahpun was also been diversifying. There are made stainleesteel, galvalum, and also light steel. The price of the Vault has the distinction of hanging with the height, diameter, and the number of required materials. The following are the price of the vault each material:

The Dome Of The Mosque Of Stainleesteel Materials
The dome of the mosque who made this stainleesteel usually often we encounter at the small mosque-the mosque and also the mosque in the village. Stainlessteel material has a thickness of approx. 0.4 – 0.5 mm. The shape of the dome of the material also has a lot of sorts, it’s called the high rounded or spherical dome shape, parts of ball or hemispherical Dome, play, and also a factory or balingdo dome ventilator factory. The pricing model for each Vault is also different that certainly also adjusted to the required diameter. For example, to rotate the dome model diameter 0.40 m valued around 500,000, whereas for the model of the cupola hemispherical measuring 2 m diameter all cherished about 2 million. The price of a dome made of stainleesteel with other models also have a price that is not different from both jau models of yesteryear have been mentioned.

Vault Galvalum Materials
The more progress, the material is also one of the galvalum now demand. Mosques in Indonesia has also many are using these materials. Galvalum made this Vault has several advantages, one of the perks is stainless. The dome made from plat galvalum which has a thickness of about 0.4 – 0.5 mm. Despite of the thickness and the same advantage with stainleesteel materials, but both of these ingredients have a perbedakan sanagt significance, the material can be guvalum in the paint and colors for the dome can be customized as you wish. And paint the dome could last about 10 years. The price of the vault are made of guvalum per diameter 1.0 m with a height of 0.50 m wide 2.49 m appreciated 3,490,000 ranges.

Vault Material Mild Steel
The dome of the mosque by using such material has a thickness of 0.8 – 1.6 mm thicker than stainleesteel and guvalum. However it is easily corroded material but with painting with ENAMEL system makes these materials can last a long time and the telindungi of rust. Enamel system for material mild steel sanagt profitable catnya durability can endure for more than 30 years. Need to paint ternyatra enamel dingat themselves cannot for in cat. The price of the dome of the mosque are made of mild steel is not far different from Vault materials galvalum.

The price of the vault above already mentioned is the selling price on the island of Java, for a price outside of Java can be more expensive to the doubling of the price that is in the Java. In any customer any type of Vault has a price tailored to size. The number range of models of the cupola, it could menabah a reference to embellish the building of a mosque to make it look more beautiful and give kenyamaan to all the people were in the mosque.

With varied prices Vault has to offer, then it will give you many options and alternatives for the customer to get the desired vault with the best price and compete with others.

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