Debt and Its Consequences

Debt and Its Consequences

Do you want to owe or maybe even give you debt relief? If so, before doing so it’s good to listen to this article that will discuss the sundry of debt and its consequences.

Its true debt is a form of depiction of a person’s character. Kaukabus Syarqiyah, Financial Planner of the Financial Literacy Kaukabus said, the element of the character itself into the 5C assessment of the bank to measure the applicant’s debt.

“Keep in mind, the debt is potentially addictive. If you are accustomed to debt then you will be addicted so that will return the debt again. Precisely the feared, debt is not completed even so dig a hole close the hole, “said Kikau to R, Thursday (27/10/2016).

Before begging or giving you a debt, the following tips are given to you:

The rules of the debtors

According Kikau, for those who will give the debt to the applicant should not directly give it. It would be wise if you do the selection of the borrower. There are at least points you should look for, including:

See the track record of the applicant, can be from the statement of friends, relatives, and others.
You must of course have the funds to be raised, and never make it up to borrow to others.
Agreement related to repayment deadline must be clear. This provision does not rule out when lending money to the family.
Avoid charging in a bad way. For example billing in social media as the case of Julia Perez and Ayu Ting Ting. Of course, given the debt is closely related to one’s character.
Rules for debt applicants

For debt applicants it should be:

Knowing how much you want to be told. Adjust the needs of the debt, and adjust the amount of debt with the ability to pay. It means not too much.
Must know who you want to owe. “For example, find someone who has more financial ability above us. Instead, find a good person and not burdensome, “he said.
Do not owe it to the moneylender.
Commitment owed mortgage to the bank:

Debt is also usually done for those who want to buy a house. Here’s the owed commitment to the bank you need to do:

Find out if you have assets that can be a guarantee to the bank. If you have, at least this can be a convenience. But again this is just a guarantee. For example, when buying a home by mortgage, the deferred asset is the house he bought
Be self-aware whether you can afford it or not. “Remember, the bank provisions are more stringent. You are required to perform the consequences if you do not fulfill your obligations. And obey the provision to apply the installment amount 35 percent of your income, “said Kikau.
Save. This is a basic assumption to be done by everyone who is in debt.

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