Cross boundary bus in thailand

Cross boundary bus in thailand

Arriving at the border, passengers are required to get off the bus to walk to the Thailand Immigration Office. You will be welcomed by the Office of the Government of Thailand building, similar to golden colored temple roof, typical of the temples in Thailand.

When going to the Immigration Office, Thailand you will find a number of merchant offers food, candied fruits start to insects to eat.

The boards of the Green warning hanging above the street resembling the hallways, but wider. The Board contains a warning to passengers to carry a number of restrictions on alcohol, cigarettes, cigars or tobacco out of Thailand.

Passport control room located on the second floor. The rooms are spacious, neat and clean. There are a number of jumbo-size fan in the right and left the room to accompany visitors lining up passport control.

After passport control, walking about 100 meters you will be greeted temple’s Gate made of stone similar to the temples in Angkor Wat complex of enshrinement, typical of Cambodia. Cambodian flags on the left side of the road as if giving a welcome to the visitors who enter the territory of the State of Cambodia.

After walking about 200 metres you will find the Cambodian Immigration Office. No need to climb the stairs, because the space in front of the passport control Office of immigration. The room was much smaller than the previous passport examination room (in Thailand) and only contains two counter clerk the examiner.

The Cambodian Immigration Office in front of the bus passengers had been waiting Nattakan to continue the journey to Siem Reap, which is the gate to the region of Angkor Wat.

Enter the country of Cambodia will experience different cultures. The most noticeable difference you can feel is a bus running on the right side of the road. This is different from Thailand and Indonesia.

Along the road to Siem Reap you will be accompanied by a stretch of land with little undergrowth. Twilight also became friends journey to Siem Reap.

The Sun was completely submerged when the bus reached Nattakan Siem Reap Branch Office. Party bus offers the tuk-tuk, the vehicle is a kind of typical bajaj Cambodia-Thailand, to continue the journey to the Inn.

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