CNI Presented On-site Shopping Business & Easier For Consumers

CNI Presented On-site Shopping Business & Easier For Consumers

E-commerce sales growth in Indonesia has increased in recent years. Various brand ever tried to market their products through mobile applications. Like pt. CNI who also continues to innovate and do other business breakthrough. And now through online shopping, CNI products becomes easier in the can and feels closer to the community.

“This will certainly CNI Outlets makes it easy for our members and consumers to access the information on our products in detail and do shopping online,” said Marselinus Ferdinand as Head of Marketing Support Dept. in Jakarta a few days ago.

Further explaining himself, leading to the age of 30 promo indomaret years running a business easier with the CNI will be an Affiliate Program, this feature will be very helpful to members to market their products online. “Enough with the sharing link Affiliate member-owned Outlets CNI and enjoy a variety of benefits from the new way of doing business quick and convenient CNI,” he explained.

Affiliate program or in the Indonesian Language, usually called by the partnership or affiliate program is a marketing technique in which the seller is collaborating with marketers through the website marketers. “Sales commissions usually a percentage of the price of the goods that have been sold. For consumers shopping online through affiliate member enrolled in the CNI Outlets, “he said.

“Affiliate tracking system work in a link such as:/username well in the embedded link tracking, so if anyone clicks on those links and make purchases in those links then the member is entitled to a CNI Outlet point on each sale of these products,” added Marselinus.

It is hoped the system can make it easy to shop for products, so that it becomes easy to run a business together with CNI.


Now, if you have experienced the disappointment of shopping online, we hope you not experiencing it anymore or not to experience the fate of the people in the photo gallery here.