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Independent Cycling & Walking Holidays With a Difference…
LB Freedom Tours is an innovative walking and bicycling tour company operating in France, Switzerland, and Italy.  LB Freedom Tours know that a perfect holiday demands exceptional organization, quality hotels, and carefully researched routes. They also know that many of the best and more exciting moments in life involve the unexpected, so this is why they try to offer as many choices as possible. On an LB Freedom Tour you will have the opportunity to explore the area at your own pace, either on foot, by bicycle, or both. They won‘t try and plan everything for you but simply help to create your ideal holiday.

How does an LB Freedom Tour work?   
LB Freedom Tours are designed to give as much freedom and flexibility to your holiday as possible. Their suggested tours are based on the successful formula of a self-guided tour with two-night stays at each destination. Travel days, during which you cycle or walk through areas of historical and cultural interest, are followed by a freedom day allowing you to explore the surrounding area at your own pace.  You’re supplied with detailed maps and easy-to-follow, precise route descriptions with both short and more challenging travel and Freedom Day options.

Upon arrival one of LB Freedom Tours’ representatives will provide you with a detailed briefing. They also supply you with a comprehensive information pack detailing the historical and cultural background of your chosen area and comprehensive practical notes on what is available to do and see! All tours feature routes of varying length and difficulty, allowing you to explore at your own pace. LB Freedom Tours caters to all ages and group sizes including families and sole travelers.

An LB Freedom Tour offers, above all, a personal service and knows all of their clients by name rather than by number! Their representatives will not intrude on your holiday, but will always be available to answer your questions concerning local information, events, and festivals. Luggage will be the least of your concerns – an LB Freedom Tours representative will collect your bags and deliver them to your next hotel room while you enjoy your traveling day.

What is a Freedom day?   
Physical activity, mental activity or no activity!  The beauty of a Freedom day is that you can do just what you like. Choose scooter with seat to walk or cycle one of our proposed Freedom Day routes or, depending on your chosen region, you can enjoy one of the other proposed excursions. Maybe try wine and olive oil tasting in the Chianti, a round of golf with an alpine background, fishing for lake trout, painting or cooking classes, or take a gondola high into the mountains and glaciers. There is always the option to explore local museums, abbeys or churches and don’t forget to check out the shops and numerous markets! If this does not take your fancy then why not relax with a book by the pool? Several tour itineraries are listed here which highlight some Freedom Day options but, in reality, there are countless choices.  LB Freedom Tours continues to use a well-tested and winning formula and have added new walking and cycling routes to more incredible European destinations.

Cross boundary bus in thailand

Cross boundary bus in thailand

Arriving at the border, passengers are required to get off the bus to walk to the Thailand Immigration Office. You will be welcomed by the Office of the Government of Thailand building, similar to golden colored temple roof, typical of the temples in Thailand.

When going to the Immigration Office, Thailand you will find a number of merchant offers food, candied fruits start to insects to eat.

The boards of the Green warning hanging above the street resembling the hallways, but wider. The Board contains a warning to passengers to carry a number of restrictions on alcohol, cigarettes, cigars or tobacco out of Thailand.

Passport control room located on the second floor. The rooms are spacious, neat and clean. There are a number of jumbo-size fan in the right and left the room to accompany visitors lining up passport control.

After passport control, walking about 100 meters you will be greeted temple’s Gate made of stone similar to the temples in Angkor Wat complex of enshrinement, typical of Cambodia. Cambodian flags on the left side of the road as if giving a welcome to the visitors who enter the territory of the State of Cambodia.

After walking about 200 metres you will find the Cambodian Immigration Office. No need to climb the stairs, because the space in front of the passport control Office of immigration. The room was much smaller than the previous passport examination room (in Thailand) and only contains two counter clerk the examiner.

The Cambodian Immigration Office in front of the bus passengers had been waiting Nattakan to continue the journey to Siem Reap, which is the gate to the region of Angkor Wat.

Enter the country of Cambodia will experience different cultures. The most noticeable difference you can feel is a bus running on the right side of the road. This is different from Thailand and Indonesia.

Along the road to Siem Reap you will be accompanied by a stretch of land with little undergrowth. Twilight also became friends journey to Siem Reap.

The Sun was completely submerged when the bus reached Nattakan Siem Reap Branch Office. Party bus offers the tuk-tuk, the vehicle is a kind of typical bajaj Cambodia-Thailand, to continue the journey to the Inn.

Nadine Chandrawinata says so discerning travellers

Nadine Chandrawinata says so discerning travellers

The hobby of exploring various places, the model who is also environmental activists, Nadine Chandrawinata invites everyone who likes long walks to be discerning travelers and responsible.


Be a smart traveller, for example if the streets bring the bottle itself, are not aware that other people will see and then going there are educational, communication andhence tourism will have a nice image. We can provide a sample without coercion, “said Nadine when found in the launching application Marine Buddies WWF Indonesia, Thursday.


He most often see waste matter in various places that he had visited in Indonesia. In fact, according to him, the garbage is the responsibility of each person.


He always tried to find the trash bagging the trash and also brought the bottle to drink on its own while walking.


The expectation, interested people want to know why he was doing it so that such Contracting habits to other people.


“People who meet will respect,” said Nadine.


In addition, when walking, he suggested the refrain to do something that isn’t good for the environment.


For example, picking a flower just to be photographed and then uploaded to Instagram or holding marine animals while diving.


Animals living in the wild off, continued he, not necessarily comfortably held. He mengibaratkannya the same as ourselves held by foreigners.


Even, for that matter, there are ethics itself when encountering animals in nature, meet the whale shark, whale shark, while diving for example.


Based on guidelines such as WWF, said Nadine, should keep the closest 5 meters at the sight of a whale shark and when the fish swims closer, preferably diver adjust.


Any Internet help plan trips far easier, before leaving we recommend that you find out about the places to be visited in order to adapt to the surrounding environment.

Banyuwangi develop halal tourism

Banyuwangi develop halal tourism

The Government of Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, develop halal tourism, particularly on the island of Santen.


The Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas in Banyuwangi, Thursday, said halal tourism trends continue to grow so that should respond to be developed by regional tourism.


The concept was developed as a differentiation of Banyuwangi against other areas.This is also a way to target the Muslim Middle class market continues to grow, both within and outside the country, “said Anas when prerelease Santen Island as a tourist destination.


Anas confirmed that the concept of halal tourism is not the immediate destination is only for Muslims. Halal tourism is a great concept development of destinations, which are marked with the assurance of halal food, not peddling alcohol, notice of the time ahead of worship (azan), place the complete purity of places of worship, as well as facilities concept of separation between men and women.


Once again, it’s not about Sarah, but speaking of market segmentation, marketingstrategies talk. This destination is not just for Muslims, but also all the people. Only the concept and koridornya kosher tours-leaning, but anyone can enjoy visitors. Everything we did gradually along with the Setup that will keep going, “says Anas.


Santen island is a small island in Karangharjo Village, not far from the center of the city of Banyuwangi. Currently, the island continues to be organized on an ongoing basis by various elements, ranging from the public, community leaders, religious figures, TNI, and Banyuwangi District.


“Today we deliberately introduce the concept of the development of the island Santen, although not yet totally structured to encourage the community and all the elements so that the more compact and elements can arrange Island Santen. This is an example of how social capital in the form of compactness they became a valuable capital in the development of the region, “he said.


First, he says the area is rundown. The location is not far from where the Existing prostitution has been closed. Now the island began to be laid out. Soon, on the SouthCoast, precisely in Pandanan, developed beach club for women that the design featured a number of acclaimed architects.


While waiting for the design of the beach club for women was completed, we introduce the concept of Island Santen, until all eager support for the sake of improvement of socio-economic well-being of the citizens,” said Anas.


Anas refer to the island as a model of Santen Setup keroyokan the effective speed up development. All the elements involved, for example, prepares health service clinic helpers, Office of education prepare various courses to improve the quality of HUMAN RESOURCES, Department of Irrigation repair clean water infrastructure, the Department of agriculture to develop urban farming, fishery and Food Security Agencyempowering local fishermen.


“So this is not solely a matter of tourism, but also simultaneously strengthening socio-economic citizens. Community, TNI, and the Government continues to work, “he said.


Anas added, halal tourism concept was chosen because of its potential is great. The population of Muslims in the world around 1.6 billion, Indonesia’s more than 200 million people, and growing. “World Halal Tourisn Summit to predict, in 2019, the turnover in halal tourism industry reach 238 billion dollars.


Many countries compete on the tour. Even countries with a minority Muslim population, such as Thailand, Singapore, and Japan, have a number of hotels and restaurants are halal certified more than Indonesia. Incidentally, there has been no destinations in Indonesia a similar concept. With a huge market, just a little entry to Banyuwangi certainly could move the local economy, “says Anas.

Tips for visiting ala Trinity

Tips for visiting ala Trinity

The author, who is also a traveler, Trinity, holds the principle of “take nothing but picture”, do not take anything but photos, while her walking.


Right now, a lot of people who go somewhere because of the look on Instagram,” said Trinity when encountered on occasion Marine Buddies WWF Indonesia, Thursday.


Consequently, he said, many people who come to a site, including the sea, not to explore, but for the sake of a photo to upload on Instagram.


Writers who‘ve visited 79 countries that share a couple of things to note while on a trip to the sea.


1. don’t take the sand and shells
There are times when travelers want to take home a keepsake as oysters or sand ever visit the place. Whereas, according to the few tourists as well as activists, just the same as taking them from their original place.


“Do not take, for example on the beach take sand or shells,” said Trinity.


Unfortunately, he assesses it in Indonesia is still minimal even though the country has a vast sea.


He exemplifies the airport in the Philippines would ban when the scanner tool bagsfind sand carried in the bag.


2. Float
Not everyone who goes to sea to swim. Trinity confess to never travel by people who could not swim, but for the sake of a good photo, the man refused to wear the vest.


In order not to sink, people were selecting stand on coral reefs.


In addition, if you want to go to sea, he suggests practicing in the pool before leaving.


3. no need to hold the animals
Interact with marine animals does not mean having to hold it. He personally did notagree to the tour that offers the experience of holding the animals because animalscan make it uncomfortable.


So is tourism feed fish with bread for example, which many found in several places in Indonesia.


“Actually it shouldn’t be because beyond natural (natural life),” said the owner of the name Hutagaol Perucha.


4. bring the garbage
Waste becomes a problem most often he met while travelling in Indonesia, either atsea or on land. Trinity admitted to not hesitate to rebuke people who litter thoughhe will get yelled at or called ferociously.


Often he found garbage while diving. He suggested as much as possible bring garbage from the bottom of the sea.