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7 Easy Steps to Collect House DP

7 Easy Steps to Collect House DP

Obstacles to buy a home is usually often hampered by the eligibility of the down payment (DP). Although the current provisions of the House Purchase DP is less expensive ie at least ranging from 10% – 30%, but the fact that consumers are still frustrated to pay DP to the developer.

Young business woman and money banknotes flying in air on the white background.

Not a few consumers who claim to be interested in buying a home because it already feels they have the ability to pay the mortgage each month. But when it comes to dealing with the amount of DP that must be paid ultimately leads consumers to retreat regularly.

Actually there are many ways that you can meet the DP house. Yes one of them might be a chance to catch a rat that was blown up by the local government of DKI Jakarta recently. One rat valued at Rp20 thousand loh! But the question is; Are you willing to catch a mouse every day to pursue DP house?

Diana Sandjaja, Financial Planner from, outlines at rumah minimalis 2 lantai least 7 steps that can be done in order to meet the DP home purchase, following his review:

Step 1. Negotiate the DP payment to the developer

“The first possible step is to negotiate the DP payment. There is usually a DP installment facility provided by the developer, especially if the property is still pivot (not yet). If this can be done, then calculate the exercise to have the installment. Then the DP installment option could be the best option, “said Diana.

Step 2. Find a side income

“Currently a side business for workers who are trending is to become a motorcycle taxi or driver online. It can also be a mediator with network capital friendship or other business skills. As long as the side job does not interfere with the main job, “he said.

Melakoni ojek online can be done at the weekend. For example, a week eight takes orders. Thus, the assumption of minimum income that can be obtained for Rp800 thousand. In fact, it could be even bigger, if you are hardworking and set the time.

Step 3. Become a mediator with network capital

“Try to develop your interest and talent that can make money. For example being a mediator such as making project design a project, related to IT, and others, “he said.

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Step 4. Liquidate property

“If the installment option can not be done, then the other option is to liquidate property owned. For example a vehicle or jewelry. Because having property requires sufficient funds, so the sacrifices are also quite large, “said Diana.

Step 5. Borrowing at company work or employee cooperatives

If the funds are still not enough, then the option to borrow at the company where work or employee cooperatives can be an alternative.

Step 6. Borrow softly to the family

“But if not also sufficient then soft loans from the family can be an option. This loan at least not burdensome you, because it is not related to interest and penalties, “said Diana.

Step 7. Save

Lastly, it is frugal. According to Diana, frugality is the wisest way for your financial planning to run smoothly. Avoid consumptive activities or find other solutions that can minimize spending.

“But that must be considered when going home installments, the total total installment max 30% – 35% of income. If it does not meet, extend the tenor, to make the installment smaller. Notice if you still have another installment (installment of debt komsumtif), try to pay off first, “Diana message.

House Strategic Location? Take advantage for Business!

House Strategic Location? Take advantage for Business!

Once confused determines the type of investment you want, you also think to open a place of business-like a restaurant-at home.

Moreover, seeing your house on the main road and a large public around him have become many places of business.

It’s a pity if you do not use it as a business land. If you want the business to run successfully, this is the step.

Take care of IMB so that your business is not considered illegal or unauthorized. Then look at the area of ​​your house, adjust the breadth of the restaurant you want to set up with the house. Just do not take your public roads.

Distinguish between home for business and the house you live in. The goal is not to interfere with personal activities in the house. Choose an area that is free from home activities, for example in a corner of land closer to the road.

Got parking space. Although the restaurant you set is not too broad, should have a parking lot, can be used for minimal parking motor. The reason, consumers will be rumah minimalis sederhana disappointed and cancel the desire to come to your restaurant if the parking area does not exist. If your target consumer is a boarding child and a young age, parking lot is mandatory.

If possible add a small page as a green open space. The goal is to keep consumers comfortable while in your small restaurant. Sometimes the business room also needs to be equipped with a clean bathroom. The bathroom is also useful if you later have employees who take care of your business.

Notice the sanity. Do not cause you feel the business area is still narrow and then close the gutter with concrete or damage the drains. Sewer you can cover with a hollow iron that still passable vehicle. Besides you also still need a smooth water channel around your business.

Check the type of business that is around your place. If there is already a similar restaurant, you should choose other businesses. Home-based restaurant business will be more salable if you are near kosan, doctor’s clinic, and car repair shop.

Debt and Its Consequences

Debt and Its Consequences

Do you want to owe or maybe even give you debt relief? If so, before doing so it’s good to listen to this article that will discuss the sundry of debt and its consequences.

Its true debt is a form of depiction of a person’s character. Kaukabus Syarqiyah, Financial Planner of the Financial Literacy Kaukabus said, the element of the character itself into the 5C assessment of the bank to measure the applicant’s debt.

“Keep in mind, the debt is potentially addictive. If you are accustomed to debt then you will be addicted so that will return the debt again. Precisely the feared, debt is not completed even so dig a hole close the hole, “said Kikau to R, Thursday (27/10/2016).

Before begging or giving you a debt, the following tips are given to you:

The rules of the debtors

According Kikau, for those who will give the debt to the applicant should not directly give it. It would be wise if you do the selection of the borrower. There are at least points you should look for, including:

See the track record of the applicant, can be from the statement of friends, relatives, and others.
You must of course have the funds to be raised, and never make it up to borrow to others.
Agreement related to repayment deadline must be clear. This provision does not rule out when lending money to the family.
Avoid charging in a bad way. For example billing in social media as the case of Julia Perez and Ayu Ting Ting. Of course, given the debt is closely related to one’s character.
Rules for debt applicants

For debt applicants it should be:

Knowing how much you want to be told. Adjust the needs of the debt, and adjust the amount of debt with the ability to pay. It means not too much.
Must know who you want to owe. “For example, find someone who has more financial ability above us. Instead, find a good person and not burdensome, “he said.
Do not owe it to the moneylender.
Commitment owed mortgage to the bank:

Debt is also usually done for those who want to buy a house. Here’s the owed commitment to the bank you need to do:

Find out if you have assets that can be a guarantee to the bank. If you have, at least this can be a convenience. But again this is just a guarantee. For example, when buying a home by mortgage, the deferred asset is the house he bought
Be self-aware whether you can afford it or not. “Remember, the bank provisions are more stringent. You are required to perform the consequences if you do not fulfill your obligations. And obey the provision to apply the installment amount 35 percent of your income, “said Kikau.
Save. This is a basic assumption to be done by everyone who is in debt.

AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City Opened the end of 2017

AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City Opened the end of 2017

AEON Mall under construction in Jakarta Garden City (JGC), a city-scale residential area (township) and a total area of 370 hectares of land in Cakung, East Jakarta, Wednesday (10/1) staged a procession of closing the roof (topping off) as a sign upon completion of the stages of the construction of the building structure of the mall.

Thus, the construction of a mall being developed PT. AEON Mall Indonesia it would enter the stage of finishing, with operational targets by the end of 2017.

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“After the procession ground breaking on October 7th, 2015 then, we continue to work hard so that the construction of AEON Mall JGC entered the stage of topping off. Therefore, we are optimistic the AEON Mall can operate in the fourth quarter of 2017, “said Ryuma Okazaki, President Director of PT. AEON Mall Indonesia.

“We are also optimistic if AEON Mall JGC will follow the success of rumah dijual di solo harga dibawah 100 juta  AEON Mall, BSD City Serpong. Moreover, the concept of a Japan-style shopping offered in contrast to the existing shopping centre in Indonesia. Although, the economy of Indonesia is affected by trends in the world economy for some sectors, however, we remain convinced of the growth of the retail industry in Indonesia, “added Okazaki Ryuma.

AEON Mall Indonesia itself had previously acquired the land covering an area of 8.5 hectares of the PT Modernland Realty Tbk. that is allocated for the construction of AEON Mall JGC. His position is right in the path of the boulevard mall, makes the JGC is more dynamic and prospective for the future. Moreover, the boulevard road was later connected with the area will also be Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta and Bekasi, Beautiful Hope.

This Mall has an area of 135 thousand m2 building with total area will be leased NET (Nett Lease Area-NLA) by 60 thousand m2 of land with parker that can hold as many as 3,000 vehicle lot.

William Honoris, President Director of PT Modernland Realty Tbk. AEON MALL development mentions that will also add value to the township JGC, where all the daily needs will be provided in cities, such as home, school, business centre, entertainment facilities and shopping centers.

“Therefore Jakarta Garden City is an ideal investment for property investors. Moreover, the price offered is still reasonable and marketable to investors because it has a lot of the driving factor. Thus, it can be ensured if property prices in Jakarta Garden City will be increasing, “said William.

Procedure Of Land Inheritance Certificates

Procedure Of Land Inheritance Certificates

again received questions from readers of the origin of Lenteng Agung i.e. Pak Supriadi, who plans to make the land certificate for some heirs.

In a message sent via email, Pak Looks tell, “there is a plot of land covering an area of-/+ 900m2, as land carriers which are already certified on behalf of eight people (including on behalf of my mother-in-law). My mother-in-law part land covering an area of 365m2, and the land area is harga rumah di solo what will be spun-off certificate. ”

“But from a land area of my mother-in-law this 365m2, will split again covering an area of 200m2, passed on to my wife as her son and 165m2 keep on behalf of my mother-in-law. The question, bagaimakan process take care of it? “sambungnya.

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Answered the question Looks that might Pack experienced also by most of the community, the important note that in civil litigation, the principle of KUH inheritance can be seen in section 830 832 PENAL CODE and article.

The content of the article explains that the new inheritable estate to another party in the event of a death. In addition, the beneficiary must also have a blood relationship with the heir.

The principle of the Division of first group take precedence, i.e. husband/wife who lived longest and children/descendants, which can be seen in section 852 of the CRIMINAL CODE.

Filing Via The BPN

For communities that do not have much time, take care of the broken certificates actually could be done with the help of the notary or CONVEYANCER services. That way, the public will not be hassles with all procedural.

But if you want to take care of himself, how else is quite easy, just go to the local Land Agency Office, where the location of the land legacy.

Before going to the Office of BPN, first the heirs have to make Affidavits Heir (SKW) who explained that those concerned are heirs of the parents.

The certificate must be made by the heir, heirs, and witnessed by two witnesses and corroborated by the head of the village residence heir.

While other terms and procedures set forth in the regulations of the national land Agency Chief No. 1 in 2010, and the fee provided for in REGULATION No. 14 in 2010.

When about to heading the Office of BPN, don’t forget to take along a number of documents such as:

Application form already filled out and signed by the applicant or his power over enough postage labels (which contain: identity; spacious, location and land use are requested; statement of land is not in dispute; the land physically controlled statement; reason possible solution)
Power of attorney if the delegated
Copy of the applicant’s identity (ID card, KK) and power when delegated, which has been matched with the original by the attendant counters
Original certificate
Permits a change of land use, in the event of a change of land use
Attach evidence of CNS/PPh in accordance with the provisions of
Land Office from kavling footprint
Based on annex II national land Agency Chief Regulation number 1 of 2010 about the standard of service and Land Arrangements (“Perka BPN No. 1/2010”), a period of breaking/splitting one individual owned parcels of land is 15 (fifteen) days.

How much does it cost?

The community should remove the fee for this service depending on the value of their land.

For example, if the certificate of the land behind the name lies in the important places, then the cost of dealing is Rp 52.925. This is because the area of NJOP on this year is $2.925.000.

As for the cost of service behind him, NJOP name Rp3,5 Pakansari Subdistrict, like millions of Cibinong, the applicant will be charged Rp 53.500.

Want to have a home in a year’s time? Can!

Want to have a home in a year's time

Years it’s been changed again. Whether your plan is to have a home in the past year been realized? Buying a home is indeed one of the biggest steps in life, therefore it takes detailed planning in it so as not to regret later on.

And if it is your goal to have a home not yet materialized in the last year, then the beginning of the year as it is now is a good time to draw up new plans. And to help realize your dream, then check out the strategy to buy a house within one year following.

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Early years – start saving for a Down Payment (DP) Home

Admittedly, save money with discipline is indeed difficult. Expenses such as car repairs, health, or buy new gadgets have always been a thing that makes You so hard to save.

However, if you’ve got the targets next year to have a home then it is time you save money with discipline. When you already know how the amount to be collected for the cost of DP houses, began to set aside income each month.

The Third Month – Credit Check Status

When about to ask Mortgages (MORTGAGES), Bank Indonesia will check out how credit quality that you currently have. Fix when there is debt-debt that the payout is not smooth. Remember, a healthy credit card bill the maximum not more than 70% based on the amount of the card limit.

The Sixth Month – Check Out Their Housing Environment

It is time to start visiting homes that had already become a target you. And because the House will be the investment of a lifetime so try to ensure that you are not wrong.

Check whether the residential location close to public facilities such as schools and hospitals. Calculate also the distance from ‘ the candidate ‘ of your home into a workplace.

* To find out new housing list click here.

If possible, you can also find out Your target home surroundings. For example, a neighbor who lives in the housing, whether majority populated by young families or not, etc.

The ninth month – Do your research the Bank/financial institution

When you have selected the housing which will be a target, it’s time to do some research for the filing of KPR. Especially if you are going to take a mortgage with a long period as 15 – 20 years.

Some people choose to take repayments are slightly higher but has a fixed rate, and some people choose the floating rate. Check also what documents are needed to apply.

The tenth month and Next – contact the Developer

You have to determine which ones will be housing choices and also research the bank that will provide a MORTGAGE. Next you should contact the developer to get information about the House that you seek.

Check also your savings is already sufficient to pay for the DP. Buying a home with good planning certainly will make this process go well anyway.