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The Causes of Bad Breath

The Causes of Bad Breath What You Should Know

Bad breath odor or in medical terms is called Halitosis has many causes, when the cause of bad breath odor in a person known it will be easier to handle. Quite often a patient may need to see a doctor or specialist dental and oral health to determine the cause of the smell of bad breath that is being experienced.

Through this article hopefully, you alone can determine the cause of bad breath is being experienced. Food Cause Bad Breath Causes of Bad Breath is most often derived from food or drink that we consume. Foods that most often cause unpleasant odors such as garlic and onions, coffee.

The Causes of Bad Breath

The Causes of Bad Breath

Smoking is one of the causes of Bad Breath There are also can result in severe cases. In addition to causing bad breath odor directly, smoking also causes other negative impacts. Discoloration of the teeth, gums and accelerate damage to tooth decay. All of these have undesirable side effects and also cause bad breath odor.

To prevent halitosis, many oral health experts recommend avoiding the use of both short term and long term of tobacco products. Dental Problems There is some oral and dental condition known as a primary cause of bad breath odor. Dry mouth is one of the terms of the lips, which is often identified as one of the leading causes of halitosis.

Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is a condition in which a person’s mouth saliva does not produce in sufficient quantities. Saliva plays a major role in solving digest and process food. Xerostomia is one of the causes of halitosis due to a lack of saliva prevents bacteria and food particles in the mouth to be broken down and digested.

Low levels of saliva that can be caused by medications, salivary gland problems, or excessive breathing through the mouth. Other oral problems that cause halitosis is the periodontal infection. Is an infection of the gums where the teeth become infected tissue backer. Infections in the mouth, such as gum infections, can also be a direct cause of halitosis. Other infections in the mouth, including strep throat, also known to cause bad breath odor.

Dental and oral hygiene are less also a cause of bad breath odor. Someone who does not regularly brushing their teeth more likely to have bad breath odor. Brushing and flossing can help clean up the leftovers lodged in between the teeth. Because the food stuck in between your teeth can attract bacteria, which can cause halitosis.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the best ways to cope with bad breath odor. Medical Problems Infections in the mouth is a primary cause of bad breath odor, but other diseases and conditions can also cause bad breath odor. One of the most common causes of halitosis is sinusitis.

Sinusitis is an infection of the sinuses and often accompanied by ganja la “postnasal drip” where mucus or phlegm flows into the back of the throat. Along with postnasal drip, people who suffer from sinusitis also increased mucus production, which is another cause of halitosis.

Along with increased production of mucus, the amount of clean air can flow through the nasal cavity decreases. At the same time, the number of bacteria that grow in the sinuses and nasal cavity increases. Most bacteria grow in the mucosa, also remove the smell.

This smell is one of the most common causes of halitosis and accounts for a significant number of causes of halitosis during the cold winter months. In addition to infections in the mouth, there are also a number of other diseases throughout the body which has been identified as the cause of halitosis. One of the causes of halitosis is bronchitis. Other conditions that can be the cause of halitosis is the stomach problems.

The stomach is closely linked to the processing of oxygen and breathing so that abdominal problems often cause bad breath odor. Lactose intolerance is one of the most frequent causes of halitosis because they can not digest the lactose found in milk well, as a result of bacteria and substances that produce milk that smells gas.

Other causes often breathe through the mouth, dentures. Similarly, the various causes of Bad Breath There are also can I have outlined, may be useful.

Apple and green vegetables lower the risk of developing lung disease

Apple and green vegetables lower the risk of developing lung disease

Consumption of five servings or more of fruit such as apples, pears and green leafy vegetables per day can significantly lower the risk of the emergence of chronic lung disease, according to a study in the journal Thorax.


In that study, researchers recorded the respiratory health data on more than 44,000 man Sweden, born 1918-1952 when they were aged 45 to 79 years.


The research results showed that those who ate five or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day, 40 per cent and 34 per cent less likely suffered a COPD respiratory condition in which the airway narrows, which includes bronchitis and emphysema.


Each additional portion relating to four percent lower risk of COPD were exposed tothose who have quit smoking.


Inflammation and oxidative stress on the network becomes the cause of the rise ofCOPD and smoking is a powerful trigger for this process.


A rich antioxidant content in fruits and vegetables may reduce inflammation and pressure it, said researcher Joanna Kaluza of Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland.


Researchers said in addition to apples, pears, green leafy vegetables and peppers, there has been no other fruits and vegetables such as bananas, berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, onions, garlic or green beans, which are also capable of menurunan the risk of COPD were exposed. So as reported by the Indian Express.
A hot shower in the morning can make you fresh and enhance creativity, according to several studies. However, if you want to improve the quality of sleep, take a shower before going to bed could be the solution.
“Body temperature plays an important role in regulating circadian rhythms–the body that reminds when feeling sleepy. During the day, body temperature naturally rises until the afternoon. Cooling is a signal that tells us it should go to sleep, “said Dr.Dianne Augelli of the Center for Sleep Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian.
Augelli said disruption of this process could make someone harder to sleep.
It is revealed the Director of the behavioral sleep medicine of New York’s Montefiore Medical Center, Shelby Harris. According to him, take a shower before bed gives the body a chance to cooling and trigger the body to sleep.

Avail Pool Sports

In Fact This Many Water Sports Faedahnya:

1. Get rid of Stress

Do not be mistaken, the sport of swimming in fact can also get rid of the stress. because, swim wear water media we make yg so much delight. In addition, hormone endorphin hormone alternated referred also wrote happy can increase time to swim in a way to enjoy it.

2. Establish And Strengthen Muscles

Almost all imaginable on the body can move our time swimming, starts from head to toes. time moves in the water, parts of the body will deploy 12 times more abilitydue to the ‘ against ‘ must be the mass of the water. It is in this state that could strengthen and limber up the muscles of the body.

3. Add the benefits of a working Heart

Not only strengthens the muscles of the body, all movements tillage swimming times also helped build the muscle of the heart. DNG so, the heart can pump blood at a level more quickly. This can increase blood circulation yg good for one’s health.

4. Do the repair quality of Respiratory

Respiratory techniques swimming times are not the same in other sports the dng. long reply respiratory, detained, then issued i.e. technical health great for yg. DNG swimming, breathing quality kontraktor pembuat kolam renang we you can add either. great again. swim can treatasthma.

5. Burn More Calories

Have no doubt, swimming is indeed able to burn calories. In addition, you can alsoavoid obesity. because moving all body, swimming is the sport most good cardio. but do not forget, also working on warming time Sprint (sprint) to avoid injuries, cramps, as well as make the system faster then the body metabolism. This is very good for weight loss.

If your child starts so the more comfortable playing and moving his hands and feet in the water, you can encourage the bravado to ride in the water without help.stride: remove your child and stood away from her more or less one mtr., ask your child to pursue you, by way of a reflex he can move his hands and feet in order to advance in the water for up to hug you. do continue this step in any chance to swim with him, as well as with how slowly extend also the distance your stand your child so that the dng growing ability.

Healthy Swimming Pool Sports, Namely Sports

Swimming, the sport between the type of activity is very lucrative demand few exciting people, not just a health purpose karenakan, water sports can be made betweenalternatives for family recreation. Of the entire type traditional sports swimming sopre-eminent In terms of the amount of the expenditure of calories, the formation ofmuscles, as well as health to the way total. Well, the avail pool for sports you can get.


Do The Repair Heart Health

Swim do repair heart health, outbid sbh research on middle-aged women as well as men’s yg doing this activity throughout the 12-week show that consumes oxygen up 10% as well as the amount of blood pumped yg kejantung each beats so add 18%.

Build Muscle Mass

The whole sporting activities certainly related muscle dng. In the activities of the water it’s just wearing some small muscles of the body, but parts of the muscle of the tsb is very kontraktor pembuatan kolam renang absolute to stimulate other parts to be developed.

Make muscles more flexible

Swimming endurance And cardio workout mixes, to be able to add to the ability of the muscles. This makes all the muscles in the body And thus more flexible.

Do The Repair Heart Health

Swim do repair heart health, outbid sbh research on middle-aged women as well as men’s yg doing this activity throughout the 12-week show that consumes oxygen up 10% as well as the amount of blood pumped yg kejantung each beats so add 18%.

Build Muscle Mass

The whole sporting activities certainly related muscle dng. In the activities of the water it’s just wearing some small muscles of the body, but parts of the muscle of the tsb is very absolute to stimulate other parts to be developed.

Make Muscles More Flexible

Swimming endurance And cardio workout mixes, to be able to add to the ability of the muscles. This makes all the muscles in the body And thus more flexible.

The Effect Of Low

There are no great effect when doing this activity, the whole age group of diverse age and then can do water activities. In karenakan yg are relatively small injury effects then swim can be worked on for a lifetime.

Alternative Time Injury

When a natural athlete injuries, they are generally recommended for swim fitness level so always awake. Swim help so that continue to shape And is between the sides of the rehabilitation.

Burn Calories

Swimming Burns lots of calories from any research imaginable pointed out Dng thatdo this activity with regular And efficient way of burning calories more than the Dngcan run as well as cycling.

Extend Age

Swimming can help you avoid died young, studies show that people aged 20 to 90yrs yg swim Dng regularly have death rates 50% lower than the Dng runners, walkers or persons rarely work out.

As has been explained above that swim in effect is low, but the effects of the injury they will continue to exist. So then we avoid the good effect of the tsb.

Do reply warming enough before while swimming to avoid cramping effect
Keep all tata regularly in outdoor renag
Mastered at least one technique to swim or at least float techniques
Eating at least 2 hours before the moment of the swim workout
Wearing swim gear yg well
Be alert if you have physical abnormalities to dangerous wrote
Avoid excess outrageously lucrative swim workout
Well, a lot of kan utk avail we get as well as the feeling of swimming, yuk started this time invite the whole family to swim so healthy And fit.

Happy this way is easy,

Happy this way is easy,

To be happy it turned out that it only takes things easy and simple so that the brainand mind healthy, thus generating a feeling happy.


Alex Korb, a researcher neuroscience from UCLA who wrote The book The Upward Spiral, describes five habits that make your life happier. The following explanation isoffered from TIME:


1. Listening to music
Music affects the brain in a way that is interesting remind you of memories while living in a pleasant place. For example, the memories are happy at school, college or when falling in love.


The preferred listening to music will take you to a more happy and improve your mood.


“One of the powerful effect music comes from its ability to remind us of the previous environment where ever listen to music,” said Alex.


2. A smile
The human brain does not always get to be intelligent. Sometimes humans think ofrandom things and you don’t understand what is happening so often see the surrounding environment.


However, the human mind will return happy when seeing people around smile. That is the importance of smiling when happy, in addition to nourish the mind, it also helps people around the join was pleased.


“You feel happy and nothing makes you smile. A smile works both ways: when you smile, your brain can detect as if saying ‘ I mean I’m happy smile ‘. A smile can also generate happiness, “said Alex.


A study shows a smiling gives the brain a pleasure is equivalent to 2,000 rods Brown equivalent of 25,000 us dollars.


3. Think about the purpose of life
If you feel stressed, try one to think of the long term goals in life are living. It wouldgive control of the brain that makes you feel better and motivated.


You also have to keep thinking positive when things happen that are not according to plan or no development in the course of your life.


By thinking ‘ what my long term goals? What will I achieve? will make the brain feel doing homework is better than go to a party because of the feeling ‘ I work for that purpose. I am going to achieve anything meaningful in my life, “said Alex.


4. enough Sleep
The depression would destabilize human sleep patterns. Instead, bad sleep patternsalso lead to depression. For Alex recommends that you design a comfortable place to sleep and has a ritual before bed so that the brain can prepare asleep at the time.


In addition, regular sleep every night will also increase happiness and quality of sleep.


5. Don’t delay and get up good habits
So if you want to build good habits and stop putting off the job, the first thing to do is to reduce stress.


The delay is a vicious circle because if you postpone the work, then you have a littletime to complete the project, so the more stress then put off again and you are getting depressed.


So, to reduce stress and be happy, you have to eliminate the habit of delaying jobs and started to build one good habits.