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Delicious Central Javanese Mendut Cake Recipe

Mendut is a favorite of Central Javanese food. The savory and delicious taste is the main attraction for traditional cuisine lovers. However, not many people understand how these dishes are actually made.

For those of you who are curious to make it, below I will give the recipe:


  • 400 grams of sticky rice flour
  • 2 pieces of pandan leaves, then cut into small pieces
  • 1000 grams of tapioca flour
  • 1/2 adt of salt
  • Banana leaf (for wrapping)
  • Sticks for embedding
  • Warm water

Material contents:

  • 1 smell of coconut, (grated and take the food)
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ kg brown sugar
  • 1 sheet of pandan leaves
  • Enough water)

Ways of making:

  • Outer skin: mix all ingredients, then stir until smooth. Finally do writing.
  • Fill material: Red sugar to melt first, add coconut, pandan leaves, salt, give enough water. Keep stirring evenly. Cook until well done.
  • Coconut milk: boil the coconut milk, then give salt. Boil until completely cooked. Lift
  • Take a little outer skin that has been mixed before, then make it flat, fill with the second ingredient. Cover the flat skin back into an oval round.
  • Prepare banana leaves, fill with mendut which has an oval-shaped round, then flush the sauce / coconut milk, using a stick.
  • Mendut steamed already wrapped in banana leaves. Steam until boiled and cooked (- / + 30 minutes)

That’s the recipe for making mendut. How easy, right? May be useful

Things You Need To Note For Maximum Pastry Results

Perfect snacks to accompany a glass of tea while chatting with guests, friends or relatives, namely cookies. Now there is no need to find difficulties in finding pastries because almost all grocery stores sell them. To make it yourself we can easily make it because in various magazines or google already provide recipes for various kinds of pastries.

Making it dry if you only adhere to a recipe without knowing the right techniques can make the results of the pastry not optimal, even the possibility of bad luck can fail. Here are some tips for cookies that will try to produce the perfect cake:

  1. Flour is the main ingredient in the manufacture of cookies. Flour is present in various types so if we are not smart in choosing it will produce a cake that is less than perfect.
  2. For good results, use low protein flour so that the cookies are crispy.
  3. If you use butter, it is good to let the butter cool beforehand so that the butter does not easily melt due to shaking.
  4. To facilitate stirring or mixing, it’s best to add flour while sifting.
  5. Do not be long in shaking butter / margarine so the cake does not widen. It is recommended to comply with the recipe.
  6. After the flour is entered, the mixture should not be stirred with a mixer. It would be better to stir using the hands. This is so that the protein in flour does not turn into gluten which will make the dough like rubber.
  7. Stirring the dough should be normal, not too strong or long.
  8. Pastry printing should be according to the condition of the dough. For example if the dough is soft then printing is done in a way on a spoon or in a syringe. If the dough can form a smooth coating. Usually in the recipe, we just have to copy which form of pakae.
  9. In order for the results to be crispy the oven should use low temperatures for quite a long time.
  10. Before entering in a jar, you should wait for the cake to dry completely. The hot cakes put in the jar or the packaging will make the cake not last long because the hot cake keeps packing easily moldy and easily fizzles.

Those are some tips in making cakes so that the results are maximum. Hopefully these tips are useful.

Tips and Various Forms of Cold Cakes

There is no mistaking it if in a particular event we offer a variety of cold cakes. In addition to the easy process of making cakes like this many people like. Because it contains a lot of butter or margarine the oni cake mixture becomes soft. Tips for making it successful are as below :

  • Let the mixture become soft, don’t add flour to the mixture because it will make the cake hard.
  • Before cutting it should be frozen in the freezer first after frozen let stand at room temperature. This is so that the mixture does not break when cut.
  • Once in the oven remove and let stand until the cake is warm to the nail. This is to make the cake crispy when it’s cold. Once it’s completely cold, just put it in the jar.
  • Try to cut the cake while turning so that the shape of the dough doesn’t change. This is because the cake easily melts.

The preferred form is:

Triangle shape

This cake can be in the shape of a triangle by forming a brown mixture coated with white dough. To make it easier to print triangular dough coated with baking paper.

The shape resembles a chessboard

A chessboard-like formation can be done by grinding a white and brown dough of ¾ cm and then alternating between brown and white dough to form a chessboard.

Cylindrical shape

Make a cylindrical chocolate dough on bread paper while pressing it. Wrap the bread paper then mix it in the freezer. The cylindrical shape can be varied by grinding the white mixture thinly, coating the brown cylinder with a white dough.

Form of black and white cookies

Make a cylindrical dough between a mixture of white dough that is pasted with a dense, cylindrical chocolate dough with baking paper then freeze.

After the frozen dough let stand for a while at room temperature. Cut into ½ cm thick then arrange in a pastry pan spread with margarine. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes with a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius. Lift and let stand until the mixture is cool.

Now, you already know the easy process of making cold cakes. Hopefully useful and please try.

Santan Variety And The Right Way To Process

Processing dishes that are given coconut milk or coconut milk is indeed a favorite, especially parents who prefer dishes with a lot of sauce. Various cakes and snacks that use coconut milk are liked by all people because it tastes more delicious. But we are lazy to shred it with the excuse of fear that their fingers are exposed to sharply grated teeth.

In this easy-going modern era there have been various kinds of coconut milk which are ready to be used without us struggling to grind it. But if the processing is not right the food feels normal. Processing the dishes is said to be delicious depending on the thickness and the lack of coconut milk.

How to process good coconut milk is as follows:

  • If you want to make your own, you should use old coconut and scrape the coconut skin so that the coconut milk is thick and thick, besides the coconut milk has a pure white appearance.
  • We recommend that you squeeze using hot water then let stand for 5 minutes then squeeze. Squeeze take the coconut milk.
  • Homemade coconut milk must be cooked right away because it doesn’t last long. The fix after being squeezed should be boiled immediately with a little salt while continuing to stir so that the coconut milk does not break.

Making your own coconut milk takes time to grate it. For those of you who are busy, it is better when there is free time to grind and squeeze it and then boil it with a little salt and cool it. After it has completely cooled, pour the coconut milk in the plastic into several pieces and store it in the freezer. Remove the coconut milk if you want to use it and let it sit for a while to melt. Coconut milk stored in this way can last approximately 1 month.

Santan sold in the market is not only one type, but there are several types. Among them:

Instant Coconut Milk

This coconut milk has a very thick texture than ordinary coconut milk. If you want to use it needs to be dissolved with water according to the needs we want. But unfortunately this coconut milk is not appropriate for this type of cuisine because this instant coconut milk if cooked / in the cooking can not thicken and not remove oil. And precisely if used in making various cakes so that the cake tastes delicious.

Pure Santan

Pure coconut milk is coconut milk produced from grated original coconut which is old. Young or old coconuts also produce coconut milk but only a little and less thick and the older the coconut the more coconut milk. Pure coconut milk can be used for all types of dishes and all types of cakes. But unfortunately this coconut milk is directly used because it cannot last long.

Coconut milk powder

This type of coconut milk, including instant coconut milk, is only powder. This coconut milk is made from a mixture of coconut and starch which has gone through a drying process. This coconut milk needs to be brewed if you want to use it.

Those are the kinds of coconut milk and proper processing methods. May be useful.

Important Thing for Juice to be Delicious

It’s familiar to us about drinks that are processed by juice. Almost everyone has tried and drank it, especially in hot weather, everyone would want it. Juices if processed properly will produce deliciousness and benefits that are good for our body.

Here are tips for the juice that we will make to be delicious and nutritious:

Using quality ingredients

Use fruits that are really ripe and still fresh so you can get a good taste. Fruit that is too young will cause sour taste and less attractive colors.

Vary with the right combination of ingredients

The right variety of ingredients is with different colors. With a combination of juices, it will add flavor and attractive appearance. Do not combine with ingredients that smell as strong as jackfruit with durian.

Add with lemon juice

Adding lemon juice will have a fresh sour taste. Apart from that it can reduce unpleasant taste like those found in papaya, avocado, and guava. How to add it is by adding a few tablespoons of lemon juice when it is blended.

The right way to make it

It’s best not to add ice cubes when blending. This will reduce the appearance and taste, in order to get the results of fresh and delicious juice should after the fruit / vegetables in the blender are cooled in the refrigerator.

Serve immediately while cold

To keep the vitamin C content in the juice well maintained, it would be good to consume it immediately.

Add decoration

Whatever if his appearance is attractive will be appetizing. The juice you make can look good if you add a garnish like on top of it added with a few pieces of fruit on top.

That’s what needs to be done so that the taste for drinking juice is more delicious. May be useful.

Recipes to Make Fried chaotic Fair

As a country whose majority consume rice as a staple food, it is no wonder if the processed rice is very diverse. Preparations which can be developed on the main ingredient is rice fried rice, which as the name implies is a fried rice fried rice which is equipped with various types of spices and other food ingredients such as sausage.

The fried rice is also very diverse, one which we will discuss in this occasion is chaotic fried rice, fried rice of this kind as well as other fried rice, only when the process at add with noodles, so the name was changed to fried rice chaotic .

Recipes to Make Fried chaotic Fair

Recipes to Make Fried chaotic Fair

For a matter of taste of course not in doubt delicacy, which had a delicious fried rice at add with noodles, it feels more complete, not to mention the other additional ingredients such as sausage, chicken and eggs.

Chaotical fried rice is an alternative for those of you who are bored with fried rice dish that’s it. Go see fried rice recipe chaotic below.

Recipes to Make Fried chaotic Fair

Cooking time: 50 minutes
Tip presentation: 4 servings

Ingredients :

– 2 plate of white rice
– 100 grams of wet noodles
– 2 sheets of cabbage, thinly sliced
– 1 leek, sliced
– 2 stalks celery, thinly sliced
– 3 tablespoons soy sauce
– 2 tablespoons cooking oil
– ½ teaspoon bouillon powder flavor instant chicken

Seasonings that are:
– 3 pieces of red pepper
– 3 cloves garlic
– 5 red onions
– 1 teaspoon shrimp paste overcooked
– 2 tsp salt

– fried chicken, egg, sausage, fried onions, pickled cucumbers and crackers.

How to make :

1. Heat oil, saute the ingredients are mashed up fragrance. Put cabbage, celery, leeks, white rice and noodles and mix well.
2. Put soy sauce and chicken-flavored bouillon powder and stir well. Cook until the marinade evenly, after being cooked, remove from heat.
3. Serve while still warm, complete with complementary seasonings such as fried chicken, fried eggs, sausage, fried onions, pickled cucumbers and crackers.

Creating a chaotic fried rice is quite easy and does not vary much by making fried rice, but do not be surprised if we still lose might dishes of the cuisine of fried rice sellers around, keep trying to get chaotic delicious fried rice. Quite so hopefully fried rice recipe chaotic helpful.

Culinary Maestro William Wongso performing in Netherlands

Culinary Maestro William Wongso performing in Netherlands

The image of the Sense of the presence works in the Archipelago Maestro WilliamWongso managed to attract the attention of the members of the Association of the Spouse of the Ambassadors (ASA), the friends of Indonesia as well as the mass media in the event of cooking demonstrations, titled Indonesian Culinary: Delicious andSavory from Sumatra to Spice Island,” on Denhaag Netherlands.


Culinary demos held Indonesia EMBASSY in the Hague in collaboration with restaurant Indrapura presents an iconic take from Indonesia, William Wongso, first Secretary of the EMBASSY in Pensosbud Denhaag, Barbara Noira b. Solani to between London, Wednesday.


Mother Rusdijana Puja, the wife of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to INDONESIA, as host cooking demonstrations welcomed the invitation is present in the archipelago, the EMBASSY to the Kingdom of Netherlands in the Hague in this occasion, William Wongso give cooking demonstrations some of Indonesia‘s rich traditional cuisine will taste assisted an Assistant (sous-chef), i.e. take the Suherman Ade.


The event was officially opened the Royal Netherlands Ambassador to INDONESIA, I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja, which welcomes the coming of the invitation and hope they will love the dishes that will be served in the cooking demonstrations.


Take William Wongso presents three typical food Nusantara namely Bangka LettuceGohu, fish, and chicken satay Serepeh. During the demo, William Wongso describestypical food ingredients that come from Indonesia. In addition, William Wongso also did a q & a with some of the invitees were present who are interested with ingredients typical of Indonesia.


Every fast-food restaurant cuisine, invitations can sample the food looks very enthusiastic to try and give praise for the high-taste of the cuisine of William Wongso.


During the cooking demonstrations, William Wongso explains the richness of the flavours of the cuisine is presented the results of the exploration of the cuisine either in Indonesia or abroad. The use of the richness of the flavours of the cuisine of Indonesia is also enriched by the flavours of the cuisine of other countries.


After the show’s cooking demonstrations, guests are invited to enjoy fine dining lunch that serves foodfood that is already didemokan by William Wongso with additional fried rice, Satay know tempe, hot vegetable/fruit, as well as crackers and chips.


In addition to the typical food of Indonesia, in this event also served snacks namelyondeonde, pastel and egg rolls. Tea and coffee are served coffee and tea is also native to Indonesia. Lunch is closed with passion fruit Custard Coconut ice cream andstrawberries.


In this occasion, the restaurant Indrapura also distributed three doorprize coupon in the form of a dinner for two people at Indrapura with typical cuisine of Indonesia. The invitation looks very enthusiastic and enjoying the event from the beginning until the end.