Bedroom Wall Colors Ideas

How to paint the walls of the bedroom? There are different colors, different finishes and styles that you can use to make more comfortable and welcoming the appearance of the room of the house where we rest. Read the guide from to know the characteristics, types of paint, and how to choose based on quality, price, cheap and accurate information for the consumer.

Normally, the bedroom is the room dedicated to relaxation and sleep. In case you need to paint it is necessary to choose the color that favored the rest. Therefore, have to be rejected brightly lit, on the contrary, can create hyperactivity, and in many cases, irritation and nervousness. So go ahead at all the bright colors, especially pastels, such as pink, blue and light blue, not too dark, and green in all its shades.

Especially the latter is one of the most relaxing and calm colors, not surprisingly it is also one of the most used in spas. However, the green is not recommended for those people who are particularly lazy in this case it is preferable to move towards different colors such as orange or yellow, a valuable source of energy. The latter colors are also the most suitable for the bedrooms for the children, even if, in this case, it is always advisable to follow their tastes. A rule to follow is always to choose the color tone, if lighter or darker, according to the exposure of the room.

If the room is facing north should be preferred the lighter shades, if the south darkest. Moreover, no less important, is to choose the color according to the type of furniture, whether modern or classic. Usually are more suitable for modern furnishings strong colors such as orange, purple, etc… But attention as has been said before the colors are too bright can create hyperactivity. In contrast to the classical ones are preferred lighter colors such as sand, beige, yellow, etc.

You are to be taken into consideration also the decorations that will surely give the environment a lot better. For modern effect, you can opt for a wallpaper or for the flowers, while the classic style of gold leaf evokes the retro style of the furniture. For bedroom painting is the most suitable washable water paint, water-based, non-toxic and easy to clean. For a muffled effect and hotter you can also move towards paint-type insulation, but the cost is significantly higher. However, the best time to paint the walls is always the one that precedes the summer, never paint with the cold, the wind or the rain, the risk that the color is not damaged is high.

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