Banyuwangi develop halal tourism

Banyuwangi develop halal tourism

The Government of Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, develop halal tourism, particularly on the island of Santen.


The Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas in Banyuwangi, Thursday, said halal tourism trends continue to grow so that should respond to be developed by regional tourism.


The concept was developed as a differentiation of Banyuwangi against other areas.This is also a way to target the Muslim Middle class market continues to grow, both within and outside the country, “said Anas when prerelease Santen Island as a tourist destination.


Anas confirmed that the concept of halal tourism is not the immediate destination is only for Muslims. Halal tourism is a great concept development of destinations, which are marked with the assurance of halal food, not peddling alcohol, notice of the time ahead of worship (azan), place the complete purity of places of worship, as well as facilities concept of separation between men and women.


Once again, it’s not about Sarah, but speaking of market segmentation, marketingstrategies talk. This destination is not just for Muslims, but also all the people. Only the concept and koridornya kosher tours-leaning, but anyone can enjoy visitors. Everything we did gradually along with the Setup that will keep going, “says Anas.


Santen island is a small island in Karangharjo Village, not far from the center of the city of Banyuwangi. Currently, the island continues to be organized on an ongoing basis by various elements, ranging from the public, community leaders, religious figures, TNI, and Banyuwangi District.


“Today we deliberately introduce the concept of the development of the island Santen, although not yet totally structured to encourage the community and all the elements so that the more compact and elements can arrange Island Santen. This is an example of how social capital in the form of compactness they became a valuable capital in the development of the region, “he said.


First, he says the area is rundown. The location is not far from where the Existing prostitution has been closed. Now the island began to be laid out. Soon, on the SouthCoast, precisely in Pandanan, developed beach club for women that the design featured a number of acclaimed architects.


While waiting for the design of the beach club for women was completed, we introduce the concept of Island Santen, until all eager support for the sake of improvement of socio-economic well-being of the citizens,” said Anas.


Anas refer to the island as a model of Santen Setup keroyokan the effective speed up development. All the elements involved, for example, prepares health service clinic helpers, Office of education prepare various courses to improve the quality of HUMAN RESOURCES, Department of Irrigation repair clean water infrastructure, the Department of agriculture to develop urban farming, fishery and Food Security Agencyempowering local fishermen.


“So this is not solely a matter of tourism, but also simultaneously strengthening socio-economic citizens. Community, TNI, and the Government continues to work, “he said.


Anas added, halal tourism concept was chosen because of its potential is great. The population of Muslims in the world around 1.6 billion, Indonesia’s more than 200 million people, and growing. “World Halal Tourisn Summit to predict, in 2019, the turnover in halal tourism industry reach 238 billion dollars.


Many countries compete on the tour. Even countries with a minority Muslim population, such as Thailand, Singapore, and Japan, have a number of hotels and restaurants are halal certified more than Indonesia. Incidentally, there has been no destinations in Indonesia a similar concept. With a huge market, just a little entry to Banyuwangi certainly could move the local economy, “says Anas.

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