7 Easy Steps to Collect House DP

7 Easy Steps to Collect House DP

Obstacles to buy a home is usually often hampered by the eligibility of the down payment (DP). Although the current provisions of the House Purchase DP is less expensive ie at least ranging from 10% – 30%, but the fact that consumers are still frustrated to pay DP to the developer.

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Not a few consumers who claim to be interested in buying a home because it already feels they have the ability to pay the mortgage each month. But when it comes to dealing with the amount of DP that must be paid ultimately leads consumers to retreat regularly.

Actually there are many ways that you can meet the DP house. Yes one of them might be a chance to catch a rat that was blown up by the local government of DKI Jakarta recently. One rat valued at Rp20 thousand loh! But the question is; Are you willing to catch a mouse every day to pursue DP house?

Diana Sandjaja, Financial Planner from Tatadana.com, outlines at rumah minimalis 2 lantai least 7 steps that can be done in order to meet the DP home purchase, following his review:

Step 1. Negotiate the DP payment to the developer

“The first possible step is to negotiate the DP payment. There is usually a DP installment facility provided by the developer, especially if the property is still pivot (not yet). If this can be done, then calculate the exercise to have the installment. Then the DP installment option could be the best option, “said Diana.

Step 2. Find a side income

“Currently a side business for workers who are trending is to become a motorcycle taxi or driver online. It can also be a mediator with network capital friendship or other business skills. As long as the side job does not interfere with the main job, “he said.

Melakoni ojek online can be done at the weekend. For example, a week eight takes orders. Thus, the assumption of minimum income that can be obtained for Rp800 thousand. In fact, it could be even bigger, if you are hardworking and set the time.

Step 3. Become a mediator with network capital

“Try to develop your interest and talent that can make money. For example being a mediator such as making project design a project, related to IT, and others, “he said.

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Step 4. Liquidate property

“If the installment option can not be done, then the other option is to liquidate property owned. For example a vehicle or jewelry. Because having property requires sufficient funds, so the sacrifices are also quite large, “said Diana.

Step 5. Borrowing at company work or employee cooperatives

If the funds are still not enough, then the option to borrow at the company where work or employee cooperatives can be an alternative.

Step 6. Borrow softly to the family

“But if not also sufficient then soft loans from the family can be an option. This loan at least not burdensome you, because it is not related to interest and penalties, “said Diana.

Step 7. Save

Lastly, it is frugal. According to Diana, frugality is the wisest way for your financial planning to run smoothly. Avoid consumptive activities or find other solutions that can minimize spending.

“But that must be considered when going home installments, the total total installment max 30% – 35% of income. If it does not meet, extend the tenor, to make the installment smaller. Notice if you still have another installment (installment of debt komsumtif), try to pay off first, “Diana message.

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