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Admire The Beautiful Zen Garden Today

The popularity of the concept of Zen Garden from Japan apparently inspire many people to host it in his home. The concept of the garden that symbolizes the harmonization of human life and nature is realized through a garden design dominated by boulders arranged in the abstract, then there is gravel or sand in the vicinity.
Like a dry garden, not many species of plants that are used in the Zen Garden tukang taman . Bamboo plants or MOSS is a type of plant that are generally found in the design of the Park, the rest of the Park is dominated by elements such as rocks or hardscape ponds (water features). So that’s the concept of Zen Garden many chosen on modern style houses.
As done by the homeowner on a page covering an area of 9mx7m. Landscape designer Andi and Doni from X’Otic Garden garden design which is believed to make the concept of contemporary zen garden through the unusual design. Although it is designed to be simple and easy to take care of her but the grounds this home retains the characteristics of a strong design so that it presents a visual display.
A circular gazebo is a point of interest of the whole back garden, designed with a unique “game” mosaic on the outer layers of the skin. A similar pattern also inspired the making of the wall accent that fills one wall is decorated with grooves, irregular firmly as a “translation” of the lines of the mineral element crystal. There are parts that are overlaid blue sky to reflect mirror and there is also the part that is “filled” lights to reflect light outwards.
The gazebo is flanked by sloping ground surface of synthetic grass green overlaid with rods of bamboo that seems to grow in between the Green cliffs of the soothing to the eyes. The soil surface is covered with hardening made patterned circle as a balance against the other geometric lines.
Although the overall white but “the game” coral gravel sow material combined withthe techniques of application of granite stone stepping value brush produces a difference in texture that showcases the beauty of the visual. The presence of water in the form of outdoor items and showers is a delightful complement of pancaindra as well as give an atmosphere of coolness around your back garden.

Demo of “make a Bonsai” by a bevy of Bonsai Enthusiasts Indonesia (PPBI)

Griya Asri magazine alongside the natural Living World Silk will make a demo of “make a Bonsai” Bonsai Enthusiasts Gathering Indonesia (PPBI) on Saturday, 20 February 27, 2016 & at 17.00 BST in West Atrium Living World Natural silk, Serpong.

In the demo “makes the Bonsai” instructions will be explained how the creation of bonsai. Bonsai is a dwarf plant in a pot with reference to the beauty of the old trees in the wild. Shaping a bonsai is done by setting up plants, both from the wild, grafting, cuttings or seeds. Raw plant last was formed by cutting, pengawatan or aging such as exfoliation of the stem or trunk-making plant dry so raw last can be a bonsai ordesignate bonsai.

In the demo also introduced the type species of plants that are suitable jasa tukang taman surabaya to be formed so the bonsai in the tropics. It also introduced the method and variations that arepossible from a cheap precious garden plants into a beautiful plant called bonsai exhaustive with a pot that is suitable for the plant. Demo of “make a Bonsai” will be performed by PPBI.

PPBI Indonesia Bonsai Enthusiasts are Gathering. The development of the bonsai in Indonesia could not be released from the PPBI founded in 1979 that developed bonsai to all corners of the country. PPBI currently has more than 150 branches across Indonesia.

Demo event “Make Bonsai” became part of the series of events “Living World Beautiful Home Festival” held on 18 February – 6 March 2016 at the Living World of natural silk. The event that took place nearly two weeks it will be filled by a number of activities, including workshops, talk-show, exhibition, performance, movie screening &design corner.

The uniqueness of this lies in the innercourt artwork that imagined view of the landscape when spring arrives. Young shoots of leafy branches do not appear. The artwork was illustrated by making the design stems from an acrylic painted white with ornamental plant Tillandsia that appear on the ends of the shoots of branches.
Other uniqueness arises from natural stone pieces grouped then “planted” on the wall of a particular pattern to follow. The concept of the artwork which became an attraction on this dainty innercourt design.

Culinary Maestro William Wongso performing in Netherlands

Culinary Maestro William Wongso performing in Netherlands

The image of the Sense of the presence works in the Archipelago Maestro WilliamWongso managed to attract the attention of the members of the Association of the Spouse of the Ambassadors (ASA), the friends of Indonesia as well as the mass media in the event of cooking demonstrations, titled Indonesian Culinary: Delicious andSavory from Sumatra to Spice Island,” on Denhaag Netherlands.


Culinary demos held Indonesia EMBASSY in the Hague in collaboration with restaurant Indrapura presents an iconic take from Indonesia, William Wongso, first Secretary of the EMBASSY in Pensosbud Denhaag, Barbara Noira b. Solani to between London, Wednesday.


Mother Rusdijana Puja, the wife of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to INDONESIA, as host cooking demonstrations welcomed the invitation is present in the archipelago, the EMBASSY to the Kingdom of Netherlands in the Hague in this occasion, William Wongso give cooking demonstrations some of Indonesia‘s rich traditional cuisine will taste assisted an Assistant (sous-chef), i.e. take the Suherman Ade.


The event was officially opened the Royal Netherlands Ambassador to INDONESIA, I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja, which welcomes the coming of the invitation and hope they will love the dishes that will be served in the cooking demonstrations.


Take William Wongso presents three typical food Nusantara namely Bangka LettuceGohu, fish, and chicken satay Serepeh. During the demo, William Wongso describestypical food ingredients that come from Indonesia. In addition, William Wongso also did a q & a with some of the invitees were present who are interested with ingredients typical of Indonesia.


Every fast-food restaurant cuisine, invitations can sample the food looks very enthusiastic to try and give praise for the high-taste of the cuisine of William Wongso.


During the cooking demonstrations, William Wongso explains the richness of the flavours of the cuisine is presented the results of the exploration of the cuisine either in Indonesia or abroad. The use of the richness of the flavours of the cuisine of Indonesia is also enriched by the flavours of the cuisine of other countries.


After the show’s cooking demonstrations, guests are invited to enjoy fine dining lunch that serves foodfood that is already didemokan by William Wongso with additional fried rice, Satay know tempe, hot vegetable/fruit, as well as crackers and chips.


In addition to the typical food of Indonesia, in this event also served snacks namelyondeonde, pastel and egg rolls. Tea and coffee are served coffee and tea is also native to Indonesia. Lunch is closed with passion fruit Custard Coconut ice cream andstrawberries.


In this occasion, the restaurant Indrapura also distributed three doorprize coupon in the form of a dinner for two people at Indrapura with typical cuisine of Indonesia. The invitation looks very enthusiastic and enjoying the event from the beginning until the end.

Gisele Marie, Veiled Brazilian Metal Guitarist

At a glance, Gisele Marie akin to Muslim women in General. Close the Awrah even veiled. but the one thing that keeps people in shock, women veiled origin Sao Paulo,Brazil proved to be a guitarist of metal band. wuihh sadiss!!

Reported by the Daily Mail, Saturday (26/9/2015), female 42 years this was born of a Christian family. Marie decided converted in 2009, after his father died.

As for the music, be it the popular Marie long ago. He is a big fan of Randy Rhoads,guitarist for Heavy Metal band Quiet Riot. Before joining his new band, Marie had a chance to play with the hosts of the metal band sister, named Spectrus. He decidesout due to the gitar murah difference in viewpoints.

Many opinions of related scrolling appearance and his profession, where most people find it strange to see a woman veiled play for metal bands. Though not a little toohim interesting or cool.

“I don’t care about the supposed that seeing me with a veil. I hope people can understand that Islam is my religion, and music is my profession. Two things that are my personal characteristics, “he said.

“Music became my focus, and in fact, became a muslim at all do not give influence on the way the musical point of view,” sambungnya.

Living in a Christian environment does not restrict the choice to deepen Marie as a muslim. The family of Marie thus strongly support his decision.

“Did you know? I’ve long decided to wear the veil. Make this my normal clothes, nodifferent despite being used on stage, “he added.

“In fact, I think I’m able to climb walls with this outfit. I do not feel any difficulty with this outfit, “the lid.

Guitarist for rock bands this is indeed identical to the House of adam. But as the development of the era often beautiful and sexy woman with his talent in music managed to steal the attention of the public. such a lovely guitarist Nita Strauss.

IRTA Qasima, Guitarist Dangdut Prettiest Veiled Origin Magelang

Inkha Rizki Taqiyya Amalia or often in sapa IRTA is beautiful veiled Guitarist Grabag, Magelang, Central Java origin. The figure of the guitarist’s gorgeous birth may 14, 1997ini started out in public when her highlight often perform with the Orchestra asa graffiti picture Qasima perform her videos uploaded on the youtube website.

QASIMA is a group of Malay rhythm graffiti picture Orchestra band’s style in a young female domination by beautiful who always wore a headscarf at her perform andeach is gitar akustik murah already pretty well known widely in Magelang and sekitanya. QASIMA standalone since 1984 and is now undergoing regenerate to 4.

Check out the interview with irta yuk team some time ago.

Team ZG: when you first get to know the instrument guitar?

IRTA: Udah lama because abaad guitarist too hehe

ZG team: learning guitar like self-taught, or what ya got to join les?

IRTA: Diajarin abaad continues ever les pas kls 3 high school but quit because the school schedule, further study padet itself because unlike the same genre abaad hehe.

ZG: teams mentioned orang2 who are involved in the process of learning the guitarirta

IRTA: Abaad. There are om Babobloch (guitar teacher) temen2 guitar: mas Chandra (guitarist gillas obb), mas tri (guitarist mgl), om ipam (aranger qasima),

IRTA: Kalo like guitar hell of the first, aja seneng clay abaad main, just interested so that fitting class bener2 guitarist 2sma.. time qasima regeneration temen2 to 4, (so parallel). Funjet also gara2 anyway so really likes hihi

Team ZG: what kind of guitar practice Patterns

IRTA: Penjarian continue, chased song request,

First song: ZG team learned/diulik and played as a guitarist.

IRTA: Sun world had nasidaria. (karna iseng2 want to come enter qasima, I listen to the song)

Team ZG: interesting Experience during study/play guitar? Tell me …

IRTA: time main dangdut. It’s really seruuu. the clay people, the smile days of clay I tmn2, sampe on ask adds again.. and have we do not go down first. hihi

Team ZG: when you first got the guitar yourself? Please tell us the brand and tell mehow you got it. ..

IRTA: class time 2 senior high school, the first guitar peavey, red and white. dapet from Om 19thcenturyrussianpoetry, the time that the blm had a standard guitar create learn his guitar at home question tua2 and some already sold. ABIS itu had not 19thcenturyrussianpoetry om bring continued results do not pake gantiin job Dr. qasima … sebenernya ga can be drawn anyway haha, so dipinjemin its intention, but he admitted ngeyel because it is delicious. ??

ZG team: S iapa only guitarist that inspires you? The reason is …

IRTA: first abaad.. love to see the game, second to Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, a lot of the sihh … Because love rock jugaa. same all guitarists dangdut could bawain his songs with cool.

ZG team: whoever the irta rock band love,

IRTA: Paramore love, dream theater, much like e. .. hehe if American, most like Nicky Aastria.

ZG: teams Mentioned gear (guitar, effects, AMPS) that you use currently? Please specify the type and the series also Yes …

IRTA: now pake Ibanez js 100 same effect gt 10. amplinya Vox. but the same bugeradisediain qasima.

ZG: teams mentioned band irta before qasima.

IRTA: before his band2an festivalan so, there’s the same powerpuffgirl gloss first. After vacuum ga sampe band2an from junior high school also has a band, klezmer, as well as just bantu temen same bands active in the junior high school band.

ZG team: tell me how irta sign and join qasima.

IRTA: join the same qasima the hell first because the same ditawarin mamah Tatik (basistnya qasima previous generations). keep idle aja join + kan can dapet extra money made the school so, anyways a gig it’s also already so hobby, so why not try something new. I’m an 80s kepo hihi

Team ZG: what makes the irta interested dangdut music is plunging into what became the guitarist dangdut.

IRTA: Seneng clay people could smile, joget2, enjoy what we bawain, from young children days parents can sampe it all. I think Indonesia’s dangdut genre, just who is able to make it so.

dangdut music that some people view him negatively, (opinion of Dr. tmn2ku I clay) may be a few because he has a yaa gitulah yg can make people negthink his subject matter … yahh irta heck also negthink thinkers, but turned out to be wrong … right not wrong his music …

It’s also a dangdut music Indonesia’s original … It is worth taking part in lestarikan anyway, so yes besides anyway want to change negative mindsets about dangdut. Anyway cool dangdut it kalo udah Share in it. .. (irta lho)

Team ZG: I see you are also good at bernyayi, are less vocal as well?

IRTA: First got les vocals but cuman departed 2 meeting schedule the same ajah karna clash gig qasima.

Apple and green vegetables lower the risk of developing lung disease

Apple and green vegetables lower the risk of developing lung disease

Consumption of five servings or more of fruit such as apples, pears and green leafy vegetables per day can significantly lower the risk of the emergence of chronic lung disease, according to a study in the journal Thorax.


In that study, researchers recorded the respiratory health data on more than 44,000 man Sweden, born 1918-1952 when they were aged 45 to 79 years.


The research results showed that those who ate five or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day, 40 per cent and 34 per cent less likely suffered a COPD respiratory condition in which the airway narrows, which includes bronchitis and emphysema.


Each additional portion relating to four percent lower risk of COPD were exposed tothose who have quit smoking.


Inflammation and oxidative stress on the network becomes the cause of the rise ofCOPD and smoking is a powerful trigger for this process.


A rich antioxidant content in fruits and vegetables may reduce inflammation and pressure it, said researcher Joanna Kaluza of Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland.


Researchers said in addition to apples, pears, green leafy vegetables and peppers, there has been no other fruits and vegetables such as bananas, berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, onions, garlic or green beans, which are also capable of menurunan the risk of COPD were exposed. So as reported by the Indian Express.
A hot shower in the morning can make you fresh and enhance creativity, according to several studies. However, if you want to improve the quality of sleep, take a shower before going to bed could be the solution.
“Body temperature plays an important role in regulating circadian rhythms–the body that reminds when feeling sleepy. During the day, body temperature naturally rises until the afternoon. Cooling is a signal that tells us it should go to sleep, “said Dr.Dianne Augelli of the Center for Sleep Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian.
Augelli said disruption of this process could make someone harder to sleep.
It is revealed the Director of the behavioral sleep medicine of New York’s Montefiore Medical Center, Shelby Harris. According to him, take a shower before bed gives the body a chance to cooling and trigger the body to sleep.

Avail Pool Sports

In Fact This Many Water Sports Faedahnya:

1. Get rid of Stress

Do not be mistaken, the sport of swimming in fact can also get rid of the stress. because, swim wear water media we make yg so much delight. In addition, hormone endorphin hormone alternated referred also wrote happy can increase time to swim in a way to enjoy it.

2. Establish And Strengthen Muscles

Almost all imaginable on the body can move our time swimming, starts from head to toes. time moves in the water, parts of the body will deploy 12 times more abilitydue to the ‘ against ‘ must be the mass of the water. It is in this state that could strengthen and limber up the muscles of the body.

3. Add the benefits of a working Heart

Not only strengthens the muscles of the body, all movements tillage swimming times also helped build the muscle of the heart. DNG so, the heart can pump blood at a level more quickly. This can increase blood circulation yg good for one’s health.

4. Do the repair quality of Respiratory

Respiratory techniques swimming times are not the same in other sports the dng. long reply respiratory, detained, then issued i.e. technical health great for yg. DNG swimming, breathing quality kontraktor pembuat kolam renang we you can add either. great again. swim can treatasthma.

5. Burn More Calories

Have no doubt, swimming is indeed able to burn calories. In addition, you can alsoavoid obesity. because moving all body, swimming is the sport most good cardio. but do not forget, also working on warming time Sprint (sprint) to avoid injuries, cramps, as well as make the system faster then the body metabolism. This is very good for weight loss.

If your child starts so the more comfortable playing and moving his hands and feet in the water, you can encourage the bravado to ride in the water without help.stride: remove your child and stood away from her more or less one mtr., ask your child to pursue you, by way of a reflex he can move his hands and feet in order to advance in the water for up to hug you. do continue this step in any chance to swim with him, as well as with how slowly extend also the distance your stand your child so that the dng growing ability.

Healthy Swimming Pool Sports, Namely Sports

Swimming, the sport between the type of activity is very lucrative demand few exciting people, not just a health purpose karenakan, water sports can be made betweenalternatives for family recreation. Of the entire type traditional sports swimming sopre-eminent In terms of the amount of the expenditure of calories, the formation ofmuscles, as well as health to the way total. Well, the avail pool for sports you can get.


Do The Repair Heart Health

Swim do repair heart health, outbid sbh research on middle-aged women as well as men’s yg doing this activity throughout the 12-week show that consumes oxygen up 10% as well as the amount of blood pumped yg kejantung each beats so add 18%.

Build Muscle Mass

The whole sporting activities certainly related muscle dng. In the activities of the water it’s just wearing some small muscles of the body, but parts of the muscle of the tsb is very kontraktor pembuatan kolam renang absolute to stimulate other parts to be developed.

Make muscles more flexible

Swimming endurance And cardio workout mixes, to be able to add to the ability of the muscles. This makes all the muscles in the body And thus more flexible.

Do The Repair Heart Health

Swim do repair heart health, outbid sbh research on middle-aged women as well as men’s yg doing this activity throughout the 12-week show that consumes oxygen up 10% as well as the amount of blood pumped yg kejantung each beats so add 18%.

Build Muscle Mass

The whole sporting activities certainly related muscle dng. In the activities of the water it’s just wearing some small muscles of the body, but parts of the muscle of the tsb is very absolute to stimulate other parts to be developed.

Make Muscles More Flexible

Swimming endurance And cardio workout mixes, to be able to add to the ability of the muscles. This makes all the muscles in the body And thus more flexible.

The Effect Of Low

There are no great effect when doing this activity, the whole age group of diverse age and then can do water activities. In karenakan yg are relatively small injury effects then swim can be worked on for a lifetime.

Alternative Time Injury

When a natural athlete injuries, they are generally recommended for swim fitness level so always awake. Swim help so that continue to shape And is between the sides of the rehabilitation.

Burn Calories

Swimming Burns lots of calories from any research imaginable pointed out Dng thatdo this activity with regular And efficient way of burning calories more than the Dngcan run as well as cycling.

Extend Age

Swimming can help you avoid died young, studies show that people aged 20 to 90yrs yg swim Dng regularly have death rates 50% lower than the Dng runners, walkers or persons rarely work out.

As has been explained above that swim in effect is low, but the effects of the injury they will continue to exist. So then we avoid the good effect of the tsb.

Do reply warming enough before while swimming to avoid cramping effect
Keep all tata regularly in outdoor renag
Mastered at least one technique to swim or at least float techniques
Eating at least 2 hours before the moment of the swim workout
Wearing swim gear yg well
Be alert if you have physical abnormalities to dangerous wrote
Avoid excess outrageously lucrative swim workout
Well, a lot of kan utk avail we get as well as the feeling of swimming, yuk started this time invite the whole family to swim so healthy And fit.

Nadine Chandrawinata says so discerning travellers

Nadine Chandrawinata says so discerning travellers

The hobby of exploring various places, the model who is also environmental activists, Nadine Chandrawinata invites everyone who likes long walks to be discerning travelers and responsible.


Be a smart traveller, for example if the streets bring the bottle itself, are not aware that other people will see and then going there are educational, communication andhence tourism will have a nice image. We can provide a sample without coercion, “said Nadine when found in the launching application Marine Buddies WWF Indonesia, Thursday.


He most often see waste matter in various places that he had visited in Indonesia. In fact, according to him, the garbage is the responsibility of each person.


He always tried to find the trash bagging the trash and also brought the bottle to drink on its own while walking.


The expectation, interested people want to know why he was doing it so that such Contracting habits to other people.


“People who meet will respect,” said Nadine.


In addition, when walking, he suggested the refrain to do something that isn’t good for the environment.


For example, picking a flower just to be photographed and then uploaded to Instagram or holding marine animals while diving.


Animals living in the wild off, continued he, not necessarily comfortably held. He mengibaratkannya the same as ourselves held by foreigners.


Even, for that matter, there are ethics itself when encountering animals in nature, meet the whale shark, whale shark, while diving for example.


Based on guidelines such as WWF, said Nadine, should keep the closest 5 meters at the sight of a whale shark and when the fish swims closer, preferably diver adjust.


Any Internet help plan trips far easier, before leaving we recommend that you find out about the places to be visited in order to adapt to the surrounding environment.

Banyuwangi develop halal tourism

Banyuwangi develop halal tourism

The Government of Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, develop halal tourism, particularly on the island of Santen.


The Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas in Banyuwangi, Thursday, said halal tourism trends continue to grow so that should respond to be developed by regional tourism.


The concept was developed as a differentiation of Banyuwangi against other areas.This is also a way to target the Muslim Middle class market continues to grow, both within and outside the country, “said Anas when prerelease Santen Island as a tourist destination.


Anas confirmed that the concept of halal tourism is not the immediate destination is only for Muslims. Halal tourism is a great concept development of destinations, which are marked with the assurance of halal food, not peddling alcohol, notice of the time ahead of worship (azan), place the complete purity of places of worship, as well as facilities concept of separation between men and women.


Once again, it’s not about Sarah, but speaking of market segmentation, marketingstrategies talk. This destination is not just for Muslims, but also all the people. Only the concept and koridornya kosher tours-leaning, but anyone can enjoy visitors. Everything we did gradually along with the Setup that will keep going, “says Anas.


Santen island is a small island in Karangharjo Village, not far from the center of the city of Banyuwangi. Currently, the island continues to be organized on an ongoing basis by various elements, ranging from the public, community leaders, religious figures, TNI, and Banyuwangi District.


“Today we deliberately introduce the concept of the development of the island Santen, although not yet totally structured to encourage the community and all the elements so that the more compact and elements can arrange Island Santen. This is an example of how social capital in the form of compactness they became a valuable capital in the development of the region, “he said.


First, he says the area is rundown. The location is not far from where the Existing prostitution has been closed. Now the island began to be laid out. Soon, on the SouthCoast, precisely in Pandanan, developed beach club for women that the design featured a number of acclaimed architects.


While waiting for the design of the beach club for women was completed, we introduce the concept of Island Santen, until all eager support for the sake of improvement of socio-economic well-being of the citizens,” said Anas.


Anas refer to the island as a model of Santen Setup keroyokan the effective speed up development. All the elements involved, for example, prepares health service clinic helpers, Office of education prepare various courses to improve the quality of HUMAN RESOURCES, Department of Irrigation repair clean water infrastructure, the Department of agriculture to develop urban farming, fishery and Food Security Agencyempowering local fishermen.


“So this is not solely a matter of tourism, but also simultaneously strengthening socio-economic citizens. Community, TNI, and the Government continues to work, “he said.


Anas added, halal tourism concept was chosen because of its potential is great. The population of Muslims in the world around 1.6 billion, Indonesia’s more than 200 million people, and growing. “World Halal Tourisn Summit to predict, in 2019, the turnover in halal tourism industry reach 238 billion dollars.


Many countries compete on the tour. Even countries with a minority Muslim population, such as Thailand, Singapore, and Japan, have a number of hotels and restaurants are halal certified more than Indonesia. Incidentally, there has been no destinations in Indonesia a similar concept. With a huge market, just a little entry to Banyuwangi certainly could move the local economy, “says Anas.