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AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City Opened the end of 2017

AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City Opened the end of 2017

AEON Mall under construction in Jakarta Garden City (JGC), a city-scale residential area (township) and a total area of 370 hectares of land in Cakung, East Jakarta, Wednesday (10/1) staged a procession of closing the roof (topping off) as a sign upon completion of the stages of the construction of the building structure of the mall.

Thus, the construction of a mall being developed PT. AEON Mall Indonesia it would enter the stage of finishing, with operational targets by the end of 2017.

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“After the procession ground breaking on October 7th, 2015 then, we continue to work hard so that the construction of AEON Mall JGC entered the stage of topping off. Therefore, we are optimistic the AEON Mall can operate in the fourth quarter of 2017, “said Ryuma Okazaki, President Director of PT. AEON Mall Indonesia.

“We are also optimistic if AEON Mall JGC will follow the success of rumah dijual di solo harga dibawah 100 juta  AEON Mall, BSD City Serpong. Moreover, the concept of a Japan-style shopping offered in contrast to the existing shopping centre in Indonesia. Although, the economy of Indonesia is affected by trends in the world economy for some sectors, however, we remain convinced of the growth of the retail industry in Indonesia, “added Okazaki Ryuma.

AEON Mall Indonesia itself had previously acquired the land covering an area of 8.5 hectares of the PT Modernland Realty Tbk. that is allocated for the construction of AEON Mall JGC. His position is right in the path of the boulevard mall, makes the JGC is more dynamic and prospective for the future. Moreover, the boulevard road was later connected with the area will also be Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta and Bekasi, Beautiful Hope.

This Mall has an area of 135 thousand m2 building with total area will be leased NET (Nett Lease Area-NLA) by 60 thousand m2 of land with parker that can hold as many as 3,000 vehicle lot.

William Honoris, President Director of PT Modernland Realty Tbk. AEON MALL development mentions that will also add value to the township JGC, where all the daily needs will be provided in cities, such as home, school, business centre, entertainment facilities and shopping centers.

“Therefore Jakarta Garden City is an ideal investment for property investors. Moreover, the price offered is still reasonable and marketable to investors because it has a lot of the driving factor. Thus, it can be ensured if property prices in Jakarta Garden City will be increasing, “said William.

Procedure Of Land Inheritance Certificates

Procedure Of Land Inheritance Certificates

again received questions from readers of the origin of Lenteng Agung i.e. Pak Supriadi, who plans to make the land certificate for some heirs.

In a message sent via email, Pak Looks tell, “there is a plot of land covering an area of-/+ 900m2, as land carriers which are already certified on behalf of eight people (including on behalf of my mother-in-law). My mother-in-law part land covering an area of 365m2, and the land area is harga rumah di solo what will be spun-off certificate. ”

“But from a land area of my mother-in-law this 365m2, will split again covering an area of 200m2, passed on to my wife as her son and 165m2 keep on behalf of my mother-in-law. The question, bagaimakan process take care of it? “sambungnya.

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Answered the question Looks that might Pack experienced also by most of the community, the important note that in civil litigation, the principle of KUH inheritance can be seen in section 830 832 PENAL CODE and article.

The content of the article explains that the new inheritable estate to another party in the event of a death. In addition, the beneficiary must also have a blood relationship with the heir.

The principle of the Division of first group take precedence, i.e. husband/wife who lived longest and children/descendants, which can be seen in section 852 of the CRIMINAL CODE.

Filing Via The BPN

For communities that do not have much time, take care of the broken certificates actually could be done with the help of the notary or CONVEYANCER services. That way, the public will not be hassles with all procedural.

But if you want to take care of himself, how else is quite easy, just go to the local Land Agency Office, where the location of the land legacy.

Before going to the Office of BPN, first the heirs have to make Affidavits Heir (SKW) who explained that those concerned are heirs of the parents.

The certificate must be made by the heir, heirs, and witnessed by two witnesses and corroborated by the head of the village residence heir.

While other terms and procedures set forth in the regulations of the national land Agency Chief No. 1 in 2010, and the fee provided for in REGULATION No. 14 in 2010.

When about to heading the Office of BPN, don’t forget to take along a number of documents such as:

Application form already filled out and signed by the applicant or his power over enough postage labels (which contain: identity; spacious, location and land use are requested; statement of land is not in dispute; the land physically controlled statement; reason possible solution)
Power of attorney if the delegated
Copy of the applicant’s identity (ID card, KK) and power when delegated, which has been matched with the original by the attendant counters
Original certificate
Permits a change of land use, in the event of a change of land use
Attach evidence of CNS/PPh in accordance with the provisions of
Land Office from kavling footprint
Based on annex II national land Agency Chief Regulation number 1 of 2010 about the standard of service and Land Arrangements (“Perka BPN No. 1/2010”), a period of breaking/splitting one individual owned parcels of land is 15 (fifteen) days.

How much does it cost?

The community should remove the fee for this service depending on the value of their land.

For example, if the certificate of the land behind the name lies in the important places, then the cost of dealing is Rp 52.925. This is because the area of NJOP on this year is $2.925.000.

As for the cost of service behind him, NJOP name Rp3,5 Pakansari Subdistrict, like millions of Cibinong, the applicant will be charged Rp 53.500.

Want to have a home in a year’s time? Can!

Want to have a home in a year's time

Years it’s been changed again. Whether your plan is to have a home in the past year been realized? Buying a home is indeed one of the biggest steps in life, therefore it takes detailed planning in it so as not to regret later on.

And if it is your goal to have a home not yet materialized in the last year, then the beginning of the year as it is now is a good time to draw up new plans. And to help realize your dream, then check out the strategy to buy a house within one year following.

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Early years – start saving for a Down Payment (DP) Home

Admittedly, save money with discipline is indeed difficult. Expenses such as car repairs, health, or buy new gadgets have always been a thing that makes You so hard to save.

However, if you’ve got the targets next year to have a home then it is time you save money with discipline. When you already know how the amount to be collected for the cost of DP houses, began to set aside income each month.

The Third Month – Credit Check Status

When about to ask Mortgages (MORTGAGES), Bank Indonesia will check out how credit quality that you currently have. Fix when there is debt-debt that the payout is not smooth. Remember, a healthy credit card bill the maximum not more than 70% based on the amount of the card limit.

The Sixth Month – Check Out Their Housing Environment

It is time to start visiting homes that had already become a target you. And because the House will be the investment of a lifetime so try to ensure that you are not wrong.

Check whether the residential location close to public facilities such as schools and hospitals. Calculate also the distance from ‘ the candidate ‘ of your home into a workplace.

* To find out new housing list click here.

If possible, you can also find out Your target home surroundings. For example, a neighbor who lives in the housing, whether majority populated by young families or not, etc.

The ninth month – Do your research the Bank/financial institution

When you have selected the housing which will be a target, it’s time to do some research for the filing of KPR. Especially if you are going to take a mortgage with a long period as 15 – 20 years.

Some people choose to take repayments are slightly higher but has a fixed rate, and some people choose the floating rate. Check also what documents are needed to apply.

The tenth month and Next – contact the Developer

You have to determine which ones will be housing choices and also research the bank that will provide a MORTGAGE. Next you should contact the developer to get information about the House that you seek.

Check also your savings is already sufficient to pay for the DP. Buying a home with good planning certainly will make this process go well anyway.

Choosing the Perfect Handles for UPVC Front Doors

Handles for UPVC Front DoorsHandles for UPVC front doors are available along with some miscellaneous accessories or parts, such as the spindles or handle blanking plates. It is including sprung split and fixed spindles as well. For door handle, PZ measurement is important one yield from the spindle hole center to round hole center in euro shape. This measurement has to be very accurate. The center of fixing screw is also important thing. They will need to be lined up ideally with fixing hole which already exists. Since not all cases of lock offer the same footprint of design in which the screws are able to pass through, it becomes important to match them.

Replacing Handles for UPVC Front Doors with the Right Feature and Measurement

If your living space is in highly polluted area or near coast, the corrosion could be one of big problem. Other harsh environment similar to both areas is also highly prone to corrosion. This condition makes the choice of handles for UPVC front doors for external door needs to be considered properly.

You can choose the UPVC front doors handles made of stainless steel in high grade to prevent any corrosion problem. Another option is the one constructed with aluminum material which is equipped by special design of anti-corrosion coating. Choose the handle that has been strictly tested as well as graded of harsh exposure. Common testing for this handle is salt spray because salt is prime factor in causing corrosion. It happens in the area with high salinity or coastal areas particularly.

When you choose the replacement handle, you should make sure that you get the one with correct size. UPVC door handles are available in the variety of size to be chosen. So, it is important to choose handle that can fit well to the door. Door handle size which is included as crucial one known as PZ size cannot be changed. The center is set by locking mechanism of your door. The right measurement may give you perfect handles for UPVC front doors.

smadav download

Smadav Rev. 11.2 Review

The cost-free variation does not allow automated updates, exception list production, motif shade altering, interface maximization/resizing. It does not permit you to establish an admin password and could not be made use of for obtaining revenue. In order to remove all these restrictions, you need to purchase the Pro version.

Smadav gives you with a partner for your existing antivirus remedy. It can additionally be used as a main software application, yet we extremely suggest not to put every one of your count on into its abilities of maintaining your files risk-free.

Being an Indonesian application has nothing to do with our suggestion and although it is advertised as extra security for your computer system, you could ask yourself why would you add additional protection to the anti-virus program you currently have mounted on your system by deploying yet another program.

smadav download

Smadav Rev. 11.2 Release

Dealing with Smadav does not feel like such a great experience both visually as well as functionally. It has actually low quality composed throughout it as well as it simply does not take a sophisticated customer to recognize that. And also it additionally takes simply a number of mins to become inflamed by its basic efficiency.

In case of an smadav 2018 plus firewall program defense team, this is totally reasonable. Hence, setting up Smadav exposes your lack of count on to your actual security. This could easily be solved by getting a smarter remedy instead of putting your PC to added, nonsense job.

Smadav can just spot even one of the most prominent examination file on the web if you prefer to scan it as well as does not interfere when you are downloading it or even running it. This summarize the efficiency of the software program available when it concerns actual time security.

Although it’s primary objective is to assist you create a much more powerful security strategy from threats by including USB armor and also helmet for the off-line discovery, the whole idea behind this certain piece of software program is pointless.




jaket parka army

The Fishtail Parka And Why It Was Perfect For Mods

The parka is really as much part of mod tradition as audio scooters and dance in to the little hours however it was not often the situation. By having an entirely distinct use within brain, the battle layer was made like a lot of additional components in mod tradition but is becoming associated using its own fans and the youth culture motion all over the globe. This willnot be considered a shock provided that mod tradition has often had a concentrate on the world and pulling in fresh impacts but even the increase in popularity and recognition of the legendary layer about the picture is really worth considering.

jaket parka army

jaket parka army

The parka’s very first utilization arrived around in 1951. It had been utilized from the U.S. Military who supplied troopers who have been involved in fight within the Korean Conflict with the parka. The jaket parka character was adequate enough whilst not being limited in relation to motion to supply safety in the components. Clearly this could have to be a significant element in supplying apparel for troopers but a higher degree is of performance with one of these parka jackets.

You will find three primary kinds of parka made by the U.S. Military with regards to mod lifestyle. The first being the M-1948, followed closely by the M-1951 the M-1965 and also variations. The M means the quantity represents the entire year and also Military the layer standard and was created.

The type of the layer offered its title to the layer

Regarding the name’s fishtail section, this really is right down to the fact than it’s within the entrance that the layer is somewhat longer within the back. The layer was created within this style to permit it to become linked round the individualis top thighs to supply additional safety in the components. This isn’t the situation, particularly not in certain of the climate conditions that troopers were subjected to within the Korean Conflict although it’s generally thought that they’re waterproof.

A significant distinction is within the hoods’ type. The M 1951 includes a cover that will be completely mounted on the outer layer. Another wool-covered actual fur hood connection switches in to the (layer) cover. The M 1965 includes a cover that may be detached from the parka’s rest. A likeness that both parka jackets share is just a removable coating that is comfortable.

The layer was made to be used with levels

One of the parka ‘s’ most significant aspects was they designed and were created to be used over clothing levels. Which means that from the cooler components, the jackets don’t give an excellent degree of safety in themselves. The versatility in having the ability to include or withhold layers beneath the layer with respect to the conditions guaranteed that whichever climate conditions were predominant, the troopers could be ready to use the parka in a number of problems though some might see this really is a problem. Considering the fact that the U.S. Military supplied additional clothes that may supply efficiency below-zero to some significant number of levels, the parka might be used in most types of problems. It’s since been stopped to be used from the U.S. military but advantages and its design managed to get a large favorite with several troops.

It’s easy to understand why the weather that created the parka a large strike with troopers in different problems and the requirements of mods might mix nicely. Driving on scooters might reveal mods to adjustable climate conditions and also the coat’s period might offer an additional section of safety due to their apparel that is good. Presented how essential look was to mods, a need is to appear in perfect condition to get a particular date. The parka’s length guaranteed that apparel and fits beneath the parka could be correctly guarded from the climate and also splashes.

Another large element in the parka’s recognition put in its broad accessibility. These jackets were obtainable in excellent figures and at an inexpensive cost from military surplus shops in the united states, supplying the ideal outfit to mods to accomplish their search. The problem of performance usually near to the decision made procedure for several mods, and also the parka were able to mark of exactly what a mod was searching for every container. Nowadays obviously, genuine fishtail parkais are incredibly and uncommon desired. Considering poor people replica copies available on every High-Street this really is scarcely shocking.

The U.S. military might not have experienced the childhood in mind’s style needs once the parka was launched by them but mods the world were grateful for that layer around!

Modern Cribs for Your Baby

Many new parents are confused in choosing baby cribs. It is not easy because the baby needs something that is completely safe and comfortable. Surely you as parents want to provide the best Modern Baby Cribs to Get for Your Baby. The lovely and safe bedroom will make your baby feel protected when sleeping in it. There are two things that you should really consider in choosing baby cribs. The first is the safety factor of the construction of the crib. Choose strong materials that can be used in a long time. Wood and steel are the most recommended materials for your baby.

Choose bedding sets that are made of soft and high quality materials. Bedding sets consist of pillows, sheets and blankets. Complete baby cribs with netting to protect your baby from mosquitoes and insects. Make sure you provide safe lighting for the baby’s eyes. The second point relates to the aesthetic of the design and decoration of the baby bedroom. You must be good at integrating all the elements to create the best atmosphere for the baby. Choose cute motifs and colors according to the sex of your baby. Fill your baby girl bedroom with girly colors like pink, yellow and purple. Add florals and dolls motif in bedding sets and wallpapers.

On the other hand, baby boy bedroom feels more perfect with a mix of masculine colors like green, blue and brown. The motif of cars or zoo will make the bedroom look casual. Furthermore, the baby bedroom requires the a good air and light circulation. Morning sunlight is very good for the health of baby’s skin and bones. Meanwhile, fresh air is useful for the growth of the brain and lungs. The things that have been described above may be a reference for you in designing a bedroom for the baby.

Online shopping, Goods Coming in does not match Photos

Ladies, who the heck can not resist the temptation of shopping online? Moreover, while the salary of the new liquid and newsletters from e-commerce we follow start with we stormed the discount. Well, no strong faith deh!

Shop online now is not new anymore. Just by looking at the catalog via the internet, to confirm the order and transfer payment via e-banking, within a few days the stuff was already in hand. However, in the middle of the ease that are offered, there is still a lot of stories about disappointing online shopping.

Yes, because it cannot see the item in person, we often katalog promosi only roundabout and guessing as to what form the objects of our message. Let alone if it is not included a clear description of the goods, in particular the size of the item. As experienced some netizen.

@Adamhess1 Twitter account recently uploaded her picture on Twitter expressing annoyance buy rugs online. Hope get pretty fancy carpeting to be installed in his room, thus he gets … Yes, that’s right, the super mini size with carpeting. Look at the size, I think the carpet is more suitable for Dolls House.

Similar story with @adamhess1, also experienced by @ellharfordxo. Instead of getting a pair of lawn chairs for parents, thus the dapatng is a super mini garden chairs. Ouch!

Not only the household furnishings, another netizen ever get apes when shopping online fashion goods. Order the leggings, that comes in a package that is sent is leggings size Barbie dolls. So a shoe boots that will be used for Halloween costumes. Coming precisely the nightmare, in the form of shoe boots are even placed in the Palm of the hand. HIHIHI …

Buying stuff online is indeed the trickykarena we can not touch and measure goods with real size. If there is not a clear description on the online catalog or there is no guarantee of return of the goods if there is discrepancy, it is better to buy niatmu undo it, Ladies. Dear money ‘ right?


CNI Presented On-site Shopping Business & Easier For Consumers

CNI Presented On-site Shopping Business & Easier For Consumers

E-commerce sales growth in Indonesia has increased in recent years. Various brand ever tried to market their products through mobile applications. Like pt. CNI who also continues to innovate and do other business breakthrough. And now through online shopping, CNI products becomes easier in the can and feels closer to the community.

“This will certainly CNI Outlets makes it easy for our members and consumers to access the information on our products in detail and do shopping online,” said Marselinus Ferdinand as Head of Marketing Support Dept. in Jakarta a few days ago.

Further explaining himself, leading to the age of 30 promo indomaret years running a business easier with the CNI will be an Affiliate Program, this feature will be very helpful to members to market their products online. “Enough with the sharing link Affiliate member-owned Outlets CNI and enjoy a variety of benefits from the new way of doing business quick and convenient CNI,” he explained.

Affiliate program or in the Indonesian Language, usually called by the partnership or affiliate program is a marketing technique in which the seller is collaborating with marketers through the website marketers. “Sales commissions usually a percentage of the price of the goods that have been sold. For consumers shopping online through affiliate member enrolled in the CNI Outlets, “he said.

“Affiliate tracking system work in a link such as:/username well in the embedded link tracking, so if anyone clicks on those links and make purchases in those links then the member is entitled to a CNI Outlet point on each sale of these products,” added Marselinus.

It is hoped the system can make it easy to shop for products, so that it becomes easy to run a business together with CNI.


Now, if you have experienced the disappointment of shopping online, we hope you not experiencing it anymore or not to experience the fate of the people in the photo gallery here.

Bekasi Wedding Exhibition, Give Yourself A Great Selection Of Wedding Vendors

Bekasi Wedding Exhibition, Give Yourself A Great Selection Of Wedding Vendors

Prepare the wedding couple is not easy, indeed the bride must choose the right vendors so that the event can be a success. To answer that need, then specialized in the town of Bekasi Bekasi Wedding event has been organized Exhibition from July 5-August 7, 2016 at the Grand Convention Hall Galaxy Bekasi.

As many as 58 well-known wedding vendors in Indonesia is here. Here are some wedding vendors who enliven the Bekasi Wedding Exhibition.
1. Si Bayau Bayau Decor

This vendor presents the concept of Minang started altar, makeup, and bridal fashion. Decorating offered was wearing cloth original Minang i.e. Veil Minang, with techniques for embroidery with gold thread not embroidery.

“We are indeed specialists Minang, but could also be the concept of Java, Sunda, Palembang, and internationally,” said Leni as Marketing to Vemale in Grand Galaxy Bekasi Convention Hall Friday August 5th, 2016.

The price offered was hanging from the building that was used.
2. Workshop of Violeta

Dating back to the 1990s, vendors it comes with a price that is not too expensive and can meet the needs of its clients with the desired budget. Sanggar Violeta comes with makeup and fashion of traditional and modern bride. Besides here also provide bridal hijab.

“If bridal hijab every week there is always Yes. This is our family business, my brother’s owner of his sort the best make up artist and design, “said Yulin as Admin.

Package price for weddings starting from Rp 4,000,000.0 to Rp 9,500,000.0 most complete-

3. El Pizo

Pre-wedding photo or photo wedding is a part which cannot be separated from a wedding. El Pizo present gives the best picture quality and can also follow the concept of demand from both the prospective bride and groom.

“The difference is we are more video and photo to caption the art story telling. Always give the best quality, they have other ideas we could do technically. For example want to theme gardens, beach or picnic can be sharing, “said Rani as Marketing.

The price for the pre-wedding indoor and outdoor Rp Rp 4,500,000 6,500,000. Then for the wedding starts from IDR 10,500,000.0-

During this exhibition took place there is a package for pre-wedding indoor and outdoor pieces 50% 20% as well as pieces for the wedding. So, for you who have a plan to get married in the near future, could ya drop.